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What is new in the latest version?

version 4.2 - 10/03/01

Well, I was too busy to cope with the WFRP Adventure Collection during the last fourtenn months. During my holidays I was able to create the next update which includes seven new - and good - adventures in three new volumes.

While the third part of the epic Archmages campaign awaits its final installmenthopefully with the next update, we also offer the first part of a new campaign called Through the Eye of Terror.

Village of Ghouls covers a nifty tasks for all those gaming groups who think they've seen and done every possible mission. Cacciabores dell'Ombra is some kind of murder mystery - and a nice one.

Good Liche Hunting is just what its title is promising, and in De Ribeyrac's Letter your PCs venture into the Breton province of Flanders which is also covered in detail. Finally, The Wreck of the Butterfly can be played as a sequel of The Dying of the Light in Marienburg.

version 4.1 - 08/13/00

It took me exactly two further months to bring forward the next update with adventures that were sent to me after version 4.0 came out. Take this as a good sign that I will be able to update the WFRP Adventure Collection more frequently.

This time, it is not another uf these giant-sized updates, but only one further complete volume containing three new adventures.

Witch Hunt is a scenario where the PCs must save an innocent girl from being burnt as a witch. The second part of the Archmages campaign gives the PCs a tool that can make the difference between the Empire being wiped out or not. Finally, The Noble's Castle is a typical 'Give your PCs a bit of action' scenarios. Investigation, Epic campaigning, action, what more can you expect?

version 4.0 - 06/13/00

What can I say? It took me fourteen months to publish this update. Of course, it is a mammuth update, and of course, I was busy as hell, but I have no excuse for this other that I couldn't work on it. I am very sorry! I will try to be a good boy next time.

On to the adventures of this update...

This time, you'll get fourteen new and one updated volumes with together fourty-two (!!!) new adventures. This makes the current update the biggest one ever released! Version 3.5 had thirty-eight adventures, and I doubted that this would ever be topped - but wrong I was.

Again, there are adventures for every taste in it, from dungeon bashes, to city-based detective stories, from short scenarios, via full-blown adventures, on to complete campaigns.

There were lots of outstanding adventures added, like The Middenheim Case, Bird of Prey - Bird of Hate, Under Siege, Cosa Nostra, The Streets of Bordeleux or When I was a Chaos Warrior. Adventures that are still remembered by my gaming group are: Flotsam and Jetsam, the first part of the Archmages campaign, Perfidious Albion, The Old Bailey or The Lamentations of Dallben. I could go on and on and on and on and on and on... okay, you got it.

Also, with this update, you will get the longest one-part adventure for WFRP ever published on the net: The Middenheim Case.

With so many new submissions, it is not surprising, that there are a couple of works in this update which will not amuse all of you, but they still have a right to be included into this collection, as Tomb Lair, The Isle of Ruin or similar adventures.

Please check out the Overview section of this site for the info on which title is in which volume.

[older versions]