The WFRP Adventure Collection
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Is there any 'official' material inside the WFRP Adventure Collection?

No, no adventure previously published by Gams Workshop or Hogshead Publishing has been included. This will not happen no matter how frequently you ask. This is (apart from copyright reasons) the tribute to Hogshead's revival of WFRP.

I have problems with this WWW page!

First of all, you need a username and a password to access the documents of the WFRP Adventure Collection. If you don't have these, it's normal that you encounter problems when accessing the adventure volumes.

This page has been tested to function with the Netscape Navigator 4.05 and Internet Explorer 5.01! It contains JavaScript, frames and tables and you should make sure that your browser is capable of these features and uses them as the Netscape Navigator uses them.

However, you don't need a modern browser to access the files! A plain FTP client is sufficient for that task, too. Just connect to the following FTP site manually using your own access data:

FTP site:

Don't try to login as anonymous or guest. This won't lead you anywhere! This also means that you shouldn't browse to that site using the URL, because your browser will assume anonymous access, which is wrong!
Use the web gateway in the Download section of this site instead.

What kind of software/hardware do I need to view/print this document?

You need to work with a PostScript (PS) document. To do so, you need some PostScript interpreting software to view such a document on your computer. Luckily such a software package is freely available on the net via FTP for most popular computers (UNIX, PC, Mac, Amiga, Atari). Check out for the newest GhostScript/GhostView version. There may be other software on the market, but I don't use these and thus cannot help you with these.
Note: As some volumes of the WFRP Adventure Collection contains level II PostScript code, you should update your GhostScript/GhostView package if possible.
You definetely do not need LaTeX to view or print this document. If you're still unsure what to do, please read the following FAQs: PostScript FAQ, Internet FAQ - FTP.

The documents have been zipped using the WinZip program. You need a similar program to unzip (ie. uncompress) these files before you will be able to view them.

To print this document, you need to have access to a PostScript- capable printer. Most laser, deskjet, and bubblejet printers have such a PS module included (or can be tuned this way - either by updating the hardware module or using software like the Ghostscript/ Ghostview package mentioned above).
Alternatively, GhostView offers the opportunity to print these documents using any other graphic-capable system printer (under Windows, for example).
If you lack the money for either of these, try to ask several copy shops near you. One of them should be able to print this document.

I have access to the WFRP Adventure Collection but I still have troubles handling the files.

In any case, try to contact the editor (not the authors) if you encounter any problem with the adventure collection.

Is there a way to cheat to gain access to the Adv.Coll.?

Sure, there are some ways to do so. If you do not play dirty, stop reading here...'re still reading? Shame on you,... but anyway...
The Adventure Collection is available via WWW and FTP. Each person with access to this document has a username and a password together the actual URL. Try to find such a person and bribe him to let you use his 'account'. Well, this user risks to loose access, but while done secretly, how can the editor know (apart from sitting down and checking access routes from suspicious accesses)?
Well, another way is to try to hack the FTP server the material is on. While this may be possible, there is no way to find any sympathy using that method...

...and you will have bad feelings then. Believe me, you will leave the right path when cheating and sooner or later Chaos will have you. You will begin to mutate and pray to dark and insane gods. Afterall, the best way is to write an adventure by youself...


While the WFRP Adventure Collection is a project of mine, there are lots of people who supported it. Without the help of these people, the Collection wouldn't exist anymore.

Because of this, I would like to say Thank You to all of you who sent compliments and/or critical statements. I'd like to thank all of you authors, translators, illustrators and copyists who support the Adventure Collection. You're simply great!

I would also like to say Thank You to James Wallis of Hogshead Publishing, who made the WFRP revival possible and who does not nitpick too much on trademark matters.

I would also like to thank my provider (Estensis GmbH, Germany) and Michael Andersen (and his provider, too), who provides the FTP space that allows the WFRP Adventure Collection to live on. You're a hero, Michael!

I would also like to thank the various WFRP mailing list hosts who always allowed me to using their lists to promote my project.

My thanks go also to Noel Welsh who suggested the use of the commenting system and to the author/maintainer of that system.

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