The WFRP Adventure Collection
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How Do I Get Access To The WFRP Adventure Collection?

This is the most frequently asked question when people learn about the WFRP Adventure Collection. And as you're reading this text, you're probably also interested to know the answer to that one.

Access to the WFRP Adventure Collection document is restricted. You need a username and password to download the adventures of this collection. Please read the following thoroughly and completely, as these are the rules for gaining access to the WFRP Adventure Collection!

To gain access to it, you have to fulfil one of the following conditions:

  1. Being the author (or translator, editor or somehow else responsible) of at least one of the adventures/scenarii already included in the Adventure Collection,
  2. sending any new (meaning any adventure or scenario which is not already included in the Adv.Coll. AND which was not published by GW or Hogshead - especially from 'White Dwarf' magazine) adventure/scenario to the WFRP mailing list ( or the editor of this project (Oliver Rosenkranz: or pointing to such a new adventure,
  3. Helping someone elso to do so by either translating stuff to English, using your email account to send the stuff, scanning images, etc...In either case, write to the editor ( to ask for access.
  4. (The Exception Rule) Having some still unknown WFRP treasure which you want to part with the editor of the project. To be more concrete: Anything publishable to the net does not fulfil this condition - only such treasure like rejected GW projects, or other stuff which is meant to being kept private does count. To avoid hurt feelings I try to explain this behaviour: There are so many people on the net who put some new rule, career description, background material on the net that if I would hand out the Adv.Coll to all of these, I better would made it publicly accessable. But I want to make these people write down their own adventures and share them with us.
Once you have the feeling that you fulfil one of these conditions and you want to gain access to the Adventure Collection, contact the editor Oliver Rosenkranz (email: to make sure he noticed this, too. This is extremely important, because there is no automatic registration progress (or something similar).

The editor will try to assure that you can access the document either via WWW (World Wide Web), or FTP (File Transfer Protocol) by uploading it to your site. If nothing else works, other ways may be found, too.

Are there any 'rules' for contributing material to the WFRP Adventure Collection?

First rule: I - the editor - own the exclusive right to decide if someone's work can be included into the WFRP Adventure Collection.

Second rule: The material must be an adventure, campaign, or scenario for use with WFRP. I don't mind if there are stats or rules to convert the stuff to other games, too, but if it's set in another world than Warhammer, it won't find its way into the Collection.

Third rule: No outlines, short encounters, rough ideas, unfinished works. As most people wrote emails to me asking me about minimum sizes, or asked me to explain how I decide if a scenario is elaborate enough, I decided to do what I hate to do: to give you an approximate value:

I never saw any good scenario with less than 15,000 bytes of ASCII text, you may double this value for an adventure and a campaign includes at least two scenarios or adventures. Anything less tends to lack some vital parts or isn't detailed enough to allow a beginning GM to play it without inventing or improvising important parts of it, ie. flesh it out. For WFRP Adventure Collection contributions this must be done by the author to a certain degree.

Fourth rule: Only adventure material finds its way into the Collection.
As I got several emails with offers to contribute short stories, careers, background descriptions, stat conversions (between WFRP and other game systems), and so on...
If you want me to take a look at these or want to share them with me, go ahead. But if it's not some kind of Magnum Opus, you won't be able to get access for the WFRP Adventure Collection this way. And your work will not be included in the WFRP Adventure Collection either.

Fifth rule: No, don't ask about letting you in first and write adventures for the Collection afterwards. No way! Never ever!!!
I am very sorry, but the WFRP Adventure Collection isn't meant to push beginning GM's in the first place, but to motivate people to write down their own adventures. There are many adventures freely available on the net - more than a beginning GM needs to improve his GM skills.
I couldn't tell some people to better write their own stuff down and work hard to gain access if I would other people take the easy way in.

Sixth rule: I prefer plain ASCII text for contributions. If this is a problem for you, try to solve it. If you cannot solve it, write me an email in which you ask me, if I can handle format XXX or YYY? For example, RTF is very difficult to handle for me, MS-Word 6 is acceptable, but there is the chance that I miss some parts like footnotes, tables, illustrations, etc... while converting, later MS-Word versions (7, 97, etc.) are more difficult to handle, but I can view them as a last resort.
If you want to send graphics, do so either in GIF or JPEG format, please.
You may also want to send material on paper to me. In this case, send any stuff to the address at my personal homepage.

Seventh rule: As the WFRP Adventure Collection documents are written in English (except those words you cannot find in any dictionary; those are copyright either Oliver Rosenkranz or the authors respectively), I prefer English contributions. That doesn't mean you cannot contribute German, French, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Japanese, Spanish, Polish, or Hebrew (or any other language) documents. It just means that you or I must find someone else to translate the stuff. So if you cannot translate your stuff by yourself, I won't do it. If you cannot find someone else to translate it for you, I must find someone. This may or may not work and usually eats up a lot of time at least. As the material must be in English in order to get included and your material must be inlcuded in order to let you gain access to the whole Collection (see next rule), it would probably be the best choice to translate your stuff by yourself or let a friend of you translate it for you.

Important: You don't get access after you contributed to the project, but after your work has been included to the WFRP Adventure Collection and is available on the net. As I'm a busy chap and have a life to live, too (I know that this doesn't really count as an excuse), delays are sometimes inevitable even if you sent your finished work to me and I accepted it right away. I have to re-edit it to fit it with the common layout of the whole collection, I normally wait for enough new material to publish one new volume (ie. three to five adventures) before I update the collection, etc.