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  1. "Don't worry. I've done this before."

  2. "Just see it as a proof for courage."

  3. "I take my missing leg that he just ripped off, and hit him on the head."

  4. ""Give me the cooler box or I'll have to get it myself." {freezes to death}

  5. "I'll probably be faster then this four-headed monster."

  6. "I step through the darkness, what do I see ?"

  7. PC1:"Let's use a Silence spell."
    PC2:"No, we might need it later..."
    { -- knocking on the door and asking for trouble }

  8. {cave full of goblins}
    NPC (Goblin leader):"Who kills the most dwarves ?"
    PC1 (party elf): "He gets 10 GP!"
    PC2 (party dwarf): "Ok."
    {dwarf is slaying all the goblins}
    PC2 (dwarf): "So, where is my 10 GP ?"
    PC1 (elf): "No, you didn't understand... it was meant for the goblins..."

  9. "I was sitting here first."

  10. "You're a dead man, you hear me, a dead man!"

  11. "This is *my* table." {in a tavern}

  12. GM:"Failed Strength Check ?! Okay, you try to cross the fast-flowing river near the waterfall using a rope and you don't manage to hold this rope. So you go down the waterfall and begin your last journey."
    PC:"But I only held the rope for doing so. I'm tied with it !"

  13. "There's nothing that could go wrong. I have a 96 percent chance to be revived. Let's go on."

  14. "Runes of Protection ?! Never heard about ..."

  15. "What do you mean I'll be damned."

  16. "What are these three glowing red dots on your chest for?"

  17. "Where is that damn assassin?"

  18. "I'm *still* glowing when I wake up in the morning ???"

  19. GM:"So are you just going up into the Rope Trick then?"
    PC:"Yeah, and these guys are going to hand me up the gold and I'll stack it around and..." ...poof...

  20. "Why does Norm the pirate have a stick with a skull on the end?"

  21. "Sh*t, my sword isn't working!"

  22. GM:"You see a giant glowing emerald lying on the ocean floor, in the midst of the shipwreck. It's bigger than your head and pulsates with inner light."
    PC:"Cool! I pick it up!"

  23. "Say, I wonder why my detect magic isn't on any more--urgck."
    {assassin disabled it...}

  24. GM:"You glimpse a shadowy figure on the next rooftop."
    PL:"Okay, I D-Door to the rooftop behind that one."

  25. "Look at this Neato-Keen stick I found! It's got a skull on the end and... hey, where'd everybody go?"

  26. "Bloody Peasant."

  27. GM:"Nimbus-man tells you to stop following him, puts you down, and turns around to leave."
    PC:"OK, I wait until he goes around the corner, then I follow him."

  28. "Man, this water feels really funny."

  29. "I broke my rapier parrying the giant ? That doesn't matter, I have a second one with me anytime."

  30. "I hope my defensive spells are still working."

  31. "The air is solidifying? Um, I start digging."

  32. "Pirate Lords are wimps."

  33. "I've been impaled to the floor with a lance ? Um, I try and tumble out of the way of his next attack."

  34. "Maybe you'd better not touch that?"

  35. "I need this blood for, uhh, an experiment."

  36. "Please press '#' to download your free navigation software upgrade."

  37. "Shields are for cowards only!"

  38. "I can't jump to cover. If I would do so, they will fire at Tom {another PC}, right?"

  39. "My magic-user stands at attention and gives the fire giants the One-Finger Salute..."

  40. "I swing my double-bladed axe with a terrific outcry to impress the other party members and to intimidate our opponents ! ... What do you mean the metal blades became loose and I only still hold the wooden helve in my hand ? Where are they ?"

  41. "Sure I'd like to kiss her."

  42. "We can take him out -- we've all got stoneskin on!"

  43. "What do you mean I can't hide in shadows behind that sand dune ?!"

  44. "I choose to trial in combat." {by a ranger lord, accused of treason}

  45. "Well, that wizard's out of spells, charge !"

  46. "Okay, so they're looking furtive, jumpy, and nervous, are carrying state of the art weaponry, and are heading down a tunnel - I'll attempt to follow them stealthily."

  47. "Hello Mr. Cow, I've never..." {said to a Minotaur}

  48. PC1:"Are the others all alright ?"
    PC2:"I don't know - they're all under water."

  49. "O.K., I'll divert the guards, you all go in the back gate."

  50. "Does anyone recognize me ?"

  51. "We're just defending our rights. Can I hit someone now, please ?"

  52. "I pull the pin and count to three!"

  53. "No one would be stupid enough to ram another car at THIS speed !"

  54. "C'Mon, a large glowing gem surrounded by skeletons impaled on spikes ? Noone would make a trap that obvious."

  55. "Hmmm Cloudkill. If I run fast enough I should be able to run through it." {too late when he noticed the pit underneath it...}

  56. PC1:"I step out of the combat and cast Chromatic Orb at one of the enemies - at my level he must save or be turned to stone."
    PC2:"Wait if you fire a spell ito melee there is a chance it will hit one of the other players."
    PC3:"Don't worry, there are more of them and they are larger than you."

  57. "The troll won't attack, he will be grateful for letting him out of the cell."

  58. "What do you mean if I roll a 20 the disintegrate spell will reflect back?"

  59. "I speak to the Celestial Dragon in the dragon tongue. Does that impress him ?"

  60. "Look, it is the ship of the evil Pirate Kane. I wonder why his bounty is so much higher than the other pirates. Oh well, we'll be rich after we kill him."

  61. "The dragon wants us to hand over all our valuables ? Okay, I toss him 1 gold piece."

  62. "I shoot at the Indians that are armed with guns, the ones with bows shouldn't pose much of a threat."

  63. "What do you mean the mage disappeared? I thought there weren't any Teleport spell in Shadowrun !" {There were invisibility spells though}

  64. "I use my boots of speed to run after him. What do you mean he just went through the wall ?" {THUD}

  65. "It's only two vehicles and they are unarmored, we should be able to take them out before they can shoot back."

  66. "I hit him, but I don't want to harm him."

  67. "I always win in gambling." {said by a PC who was offered a game of Russian Roulette}

  68. a) "That bridge will hold our weight!"
    b) "The bridge looks sturdy enough.."

  69. "What do you mean a Ring of WindWalking does only function for one hour per day ?" {said while 200 yards above ground}

  70. {inside a dark dungeon}
    PC1:"Allright, I'm holding on to PC2's shoulder."
    PC2:"No you aren't."
    PC1:"Is that your shoulder, PC3 ?"
    PC1:"That's bad. 'Coz I'm definitely holding on to someone's shoulder !"

  71. "We open the door, throw in the dwarf, quickly shut the door, and wait for the screaming to stop. Then we open the door again. What do we see ? ... Dwarves ? How many ? Do they look upset ?"

  72. "Umm, guys? That temple statue's eyes are glowing. Is that bad ?" {It is when you're looting the temple !}

  73. "Big deal. There are eight of us. He's only one priest. And he's not even wearing any armor !" {Some people would have taken that as a hint !}

  74. "We can hear the ocean? But we're in a sewer!"

  75. "Um, just curious. But do doors normally drool?"

  76. "Oh sh*t! Just hold it off for a round while I get my sword out!"

  77. "Ha, this troll will not get up soon."

  78. "Quick! Cover your eyes !"

  79. "What do you mean there was gas inside and lighting a torch wasn't such a good idea ?"

  80. "Let a REAL wizard show you how it's done..."

  81. "No one would booby-trap their own closet."

  82. "Ok, I got my arm chopped off. Do I get those points to spend before he swings again ?"

  83. "This cannot be a Death Knight, we're too low level."

  84. "I drink the Slow-Poison-elixir." {Not an elixir to slow down the effects of a poison but a poison that kills you slowly.}

  85. "If you shoot me, I'll drop the light and you'll be lost down here."

  86. "I don't discuss with other PC's which potion to use when I'm unconscious."

  87. "Oh no, mummy, I don't lie down with you in your sarcophagus."

  88. "What archer ?"

  89. "I don't trust you."

  90. "Wait... it's a giant centipede and I have a +4 to my save vs. poison ? I step on it."

  91. "A race that advanced can't possibly be warlike."

  92. "They're only Extras." {Extras == NPCs dedicated to die}

  93. GM:"You found a strange portal."
    PC:"I look through it."
    GM:"You see something beyond your wildest imagination."
    PC:"Okay, How many tentacles does it have ?" {in sarcastic voice}
    GM:"I don't know, how many tentacles does GREAT CTHULHU have ?"
    PC:"Er? As many as he wants? Too many?"

  94. "Should they go all outside. I'll just stay here and steal a few things."

  95. "We're working for a stupid computer ?" {from Paranoia}

  96. "No, I haven't seen any invisible assassins lately."

  97. "You know, I'm sick of no-one ever turning around to see what's chasing them."

  98. "I sit on the throne."

  99. "Go and finish my supper, woman. ...oops..., oh, oh no, um...forget it."

  100. "Lynx hit him and didn't draw blood ? START DODGING!!!"

  101. "It's a bad idea to punch out rich people, isn't it ?"

  102. "We're heroes, we don't have to knock."

  103. PC1:"What's our goal ?"
    PC2:"To be the last ones conscious."

  104. "What was that 'Oops' at the end of your spell ?"

  105. "What do you mean you forgot the Ammo ?"

  106. "Cannons to the left, cannons to my right, cannons in front of me, cannons behind me and all I have is this stupid sling."

  107. "You're aiming for his 'WHAT' ?"

  108. "What do you mean I am holding the LAW (light anti-armor(tank) weapon) backwards ?"

  109. PC1:"What does it mean when your bio sensor goes red ?"
    PC2:"It means you are in a lot of trouble. You should get out of the armor as quick as possible. Why is yours going red ?"
    PC1:"No, yours is !"
    PC2:"Oh %&*@ ME"

  110. PC:"You don't need to see my identification."
    GM:"Which Force power were you using ?"

  111. GM:"The chest explodes. You're blinded."
    PC:"I use my fingers to feel for gold."

  112. "I stick my finger into the hole in that wall over there."
    {nothing a PC should ever do -- electricity}

  113. "Do you smell something. Is that gas?"

  114. "Thank God it's finally over!"

  115. "Awwwww, How cute! I bet you wanna play don't ya boy!?"

  116. "He wouldn't hold a grudge."

  117. "Did you leave the door unlocked?"

  118. "Dahmer, Dahmer, that name sounds familiar."

  119. "Quit playin' around guys. It's not funny! .... Guys?"

  120. "I don't believe in fairy tales"

  121. "Whoops. Guess I should have used that healing potion, huh?"

  122. "I didn't know they *made* dragon-sized Rings of Spell Turning !"

  123. "Oh, come on! Psionicists can't split their minds eight times!"

  124. "Ok, I'll visit the enchantress. Does she like men in black leather?" [PC assassin to other PC]

  125. GM:"It's an evil alter."
    PC:"Ok, I p*ss on it..."

  126. Jeff [PC]: "What does the sign at the dungeon entrance say ?"
    GM : "Jeff should stay away !"
    Jeff : "Someone's knowing my name. I rush inside."

  127. "A cyclops throwing boulders from a 30 metres high cliff? That idiot! I'll climb up and kick him..."

  128. "There is a crown on the head of that statue standing in the rooms, which floor is made out of a mirror? I go in and get the crown. ... What do you mean 'You stumble and fall down in the bath of mercury' ???"

  129. "He won't be able to summon a demon THAT quick..."

  130. "Cute little baby dragon. But let's get out of here, before it's mother comes back..."

  131. It's a leap of faith. <hopp> Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..."

  132. "Hey, I wanna lead the party!"

  133. "I don't care what my climb bonus is."

  134. Player [to GM]: "Hey, I've got half a pizza here. You can have it if you kill someone before the game's over."

  135. "I thought you said I had *two* mirror images left."

  136. "Nobody tells me what to do."

  137. Druidic PC: "As we ride off, I turn back and fireball the forest to slow down our pursuers !"

  138. "If that's your attitude, you CAN'T kill me!" [to GM]

  139. "I always enjoy killing these things because they're the GM's favorite monster."

  140. "Ogre magi aren't that tough!"

  141. "WOW! Who's that gorgeous naked broad with the bat wings?"

  142. "While the rest of the party is gathering information, I'll just circulate around the room and pick a few pockets."

  143. "I drank what ???"

  144. "What do you mean, my water breathing spell has expired ?"

  145. Player: "Don't worry, I died last time we played, so the DM won't do it again."

  146. "But I ran away...!!!"

  147. PC1:"I'll just climb over the wall, and open the gate from the inside."
    PC2:"I'll read the sign on that gate." [while waiting outside]
    GM :"It reads 'Beware the dogs' !"

  148. PC : "I don't remember the way out of that dungeon anymore."
    NPC: "Turn to the left side at the end of the tunnel." [such a traitor]

  149. "Who farted ?" [said in the Gas Swamps]

  150. "That's right, I'm going to polymorph into a peregrine falcon and attempt to land on the back of one of the 12 griffons flying above us."

  151. "I think we can take it down."

  152. "Come on, EVERY evil wizard's tomb has a way out!"

  153. "It can't be a beholder, we're only first level!"

  154. "When nobody's looking, I go back to get some more gems."

  155. "What do you mean 'Green slime ain't always green!' ?"

  156. Nah...The games just started....he wouldn't put a fatal death trap in yet."

  157. "Did anyone tell you you had a bad breath?" [said to angry red dragon]

  158. "Hum, a dark unexplored cave ? I get a rock and throw it into it."

  159. "A red WHAT swoops out of the sky at us?"

  160. "Dolphins? I go swimming."

  161. "I'm not going to waste spells on THEM!"

  162. GM:"You find a huge knuckle bone."
    PC:"I'll use my rod of resurrection on it."

  163. "There's only three of them. Watch the one that looks like Death, though."

  164. "Are you hurt, fair lady?" [she wasn't hurt, she was a medusa instead]

  165. " do we know you are the REAL Angel of Death ?"

  166. "What do you mean 'This area is a no-magic-zone' ?"

  167. "Computer, end this program."

  168. "Well, I checked it out, my new transporter configuration cannot have any bugs anymore."

  169. PC: "I shoot my wand up through the holes, from where these elves are firing at us."
    GM: "You're about to get a quick lesson in Physics..."

  170. GM: "If the monster could laugh at you, it would."

  171. NPC:"Don't come in here! I got my finger on the self-destruct button!"
    PC :"He's bluffing."

  172. PC:"I'll put my lantern on the altar."
    GM:"Your lantern explodes."
    PC:"I'll sit on the altar."

  173. "Well...I'm unconscious. At least nothing can happen to me now."

  174. "I'm sick of firing arrows. I think I'll actually FIGHT this time."

  175. "You mean I lost my +1 sword in the sand pit? I go back and get it."

  176. "Let's get the old mage's body down from the cross and give him a decent burial."

  177. "I pass the time practicing with my Ring of Fire." {said during travel on a wooden boat}

  178. PC1:"I know there's something down here. It's big. But I can't see it."
    PC2:"Light a match, then, so we can see it."

  179. "No one can order me around !"

  180. "I knew I should have put more points in DEX."

  181. "Hm, what do you mean the voodoo master has a little puppet in his hand that looks a little bit like me."

  182. GM:"You need to save VS. poison or die!"
    PC:"Whew! I made my save!"
    GM:"OK, you only take 20hp damage!"

  183. "Hey, look at this huge red ruby on top of the dragon's treasure. This one is really beautiful."

  184. PC:"I wanna buy a cyberpig."
    GM: *sigh*

  185. "ssssssssssss....snore....ssssssssssss...snore..."

  186. "Hey, everyone knows animals don't attack druids. So let me talk to that giant spider."

  187. "He won't hurt me, I'm wearing my magic breastplate."

  188. "Okay, I jump down that cliff and use my robe of flying..."

  189. "I've got the best perception in this party, and I say this bridge IS safe."

  190. "It's you again. Ha, wait some seconds, this time I'll kill you."

  191. "I'm invisible in his back, I can't possibly miss my firebolt."

  192. "This alley is a dead end."

  193. "Hey, I hear your short people." {said to Dwarf caravan-master after he had lost several people in a raid.}

  194. "Ahh, come on, you won't eat me, would you ?!"

  195. "Yeah right...just eat me!"

  196. "If I'm falling down here, I'll be dead." {while climbing a high mountain}

  197. "I'd like to know how these monsters can attack us, they seem to be harmless."

  198. "You won't get a second blow, so you better make your first one count, jackass!"

  199. "Look - I'm a cat burglar. I don't need a gun."

  200. "You don't want to know who I am." {trying to hypnotize the city watchmen}

  201. "It's an honor to meet you, sir. I have always been an admirer of the Chinese." {said to the local head of the Yakuza, a Japanese of course.}

  202. "Much will help much." {talking about explosives}

  203. "It's better with too much than too little." {another character talking about explosives}

  204. "We're in a tank. They would need a LAW to hit us."

  205. Player:"I'll be back in half an hour. Take care of my character meanwhile."

  206. "You mean a force field wont break a fall?"

  207. "Nice tits." {nice *royal* one, of course}

  208. I use 'Basic Electronics' to try and stabilize the shield generator."

  209. "Ghosts doesn't exist."

  210. "Ghosts cannot by any chance follow us to this place."

  211. "Okay - I'll spin around, brush away the gun in my back with my elbow and neutralize the guy with the knife with a backwards kick while throwing a shaken at the one with the shotgun."

  212. "5 and 6. That was his last shot. Let's get him!" {forgot the other gun}

  213. Look, I know how to make nitroglycerin!"

  214. "There he blows, cap'n Ahab!"

  215. PC1:"What's the name of the captain of the ship where we hired ?"
    PC2:"Captain Ahab or something similar."

  216. "Don't worry, nobody dies on the first encounter."

  217. "Okay, I'll drink the shrinking potion and follow the snake down its hole."

  218. NPC:"I'm Gorgol, ruler of the seventh sphere !"
    PC :"I'm not impressed."

  219. {PCs awake dragon ogre accidentally in its cave, dragon ogre grabs one of the PCs}
    Dragon Ogre:"Are you the chosen one, to wake me up when the
    world sees its end?"
    PC: "Well, I'm unsure whether I did fully understand what you said."

  220. "Nothing could possibly survive that."

  221. "Don't worry. We're alone."

  222. "Let's send out scouts."

  223. "What anti-magic shell?"

  224. "Who would put a trap in the fridge?"

  225. "I sneak up, climb up on his back, and stab him in the neck with my sword." {confronted with a huge ogre."

  226. "I'm not a number, I'm a free man!" {number six, prisoner}

  227. "The GM wouldn't dare do that again."

  228. "Let's see if it works, a matador dwarf."

  229. "All that noise we heard and there's only one drow here?"

  230. "Awright! I can cast stoneskin! Now I'm invincible!"

  231. "Been nice knowing you"

  232. "Bow to a demon? Never!"

  233. "But I just got a little prick!"

  234. "Can I try vampiric touch on this giant gelatinous cube ?"

  235. "C'mon guys, it was only a rumor, there's nothing here"

  236. "Come on, how powerful could it possibly be?"

  237. "Damn It, where did I put that slay dragon scroll?"

  238. "Demogoron? Great! Do you know how many exp he's worth?"

  239. "Did he say he had Plate Mail +5? I stop running and fight him!"

  240. "Elminster, you old fart, I thought you were really mad for a minute."

  241. "Featherball! I mean, featherrrr........"

  242. "Follow those lights!"

  243. "Go ahead and drink it."

  244. "Gorgons? OK, everybody hold your breath."

  245. "He's only an ordinary 15th level magic user."

  246. "Hey, do you guys think that this might just be an illusio...(whack)"

  247. "Hey, they're dwarves; me too. I can calm them down."

  248. "Hey Thor! I'll bet if you'll put your hammer down I can take you on!"

  249. "I can use my Psionic powers on this Mindflayer."

  250. "I don't care. I have a Ring of Regeneration."

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