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Last date of update: 16th of October 2001 (french section)

This list of indices of WFRP articles in international fanzines and magazines does not claim to be a complete one. It only wants to be a help for WFRP gamers in search for material for their favourite game. Many people contributed to this list, so do not expect all entries to be correct. There's only one way to find out, try to get in contact with the publishers themselves and ask for information (and then contribute by yourself to this index list).


Handle every information given in this document with care - it is at your own risk. No guarantee can be given that any information within this document is correct. Do not send money or other items of value to any address without being requested to do so. Neither the editor nor any of his supporters are liable for any use or misuse of information given in this document. If you are anxious about this, leave it alone. Certain products mentioned below are copyright which belongs to its publishers (the same with trademarks). The use of the names and the mention of these products is not meant to breach any law nor meant as creative theft. Note: In this index only articles with material dedicated to WFRP are listed. Articles for other GW games like WFB or WH40K with usable material for WFRP are not listed here.

Please Help:

Although many people contributed to this list to add bits of information to it, it's nearly impossible without regular input by WFRP gamers from all over the world to keep this list of articles actual or complete. So we, the list editor and the whole WFRP community, need YOUR HELP. If you know or have heard of any WFRP material inside RPG magazines or fanzines somewhere on this planet (no matter if the zine is long-dead or a very small forum, no matter if you actually like the material or not), please get in contact with the editor of this list and tell him about this. There won't be a price or reward but you would help to keep this list up-to-date which IMHO is "A Great Thing"(TM). Well, if you don't, please check this document for errors, leaks, etc. Maybe I missed something like page numbers, did a bad translation of a certain title (or none at all), didn't know of a certain issue of a fanzine, a changed address, etc... For example, you could filter out the places marked by "??" for missing page or issue numbers.

Your Help is needed! Now!

Following are some specific bits of information I'm after:

  • Information is needed on issue #09 of the UK fanzine Carnel which published published some parts of the Tetsubo script for WFRP. Did issue #07 of Carnel hold material for WFRP, too?
  • The Citadel Journal once published some parts of a comic strip "Kaleb Daark" set in the Warhammer world before GW stopped it. Anybody has any info about the issue containing part one of this comic strip (and the issues containing any part four or higher), the page numbers, etc...?
  • GW's Inferno! had a preview issue (issue 0) which shipped with a certsin White Dwarf as free extra. I need any info on this issue, too.
  • I know of some Spanish rpg magazines (Troll or Sir Roger) which are probably dead by now. All I know of these zines is written below, so if you have any further information, please send an email to me.

My special thanks to all those who gathered information which has been included to this list:

  • Will Deschamps
  • Robert Paterson
  • Nick Leaning
  • Oliver Rosenkranz
  • Nathan L. Greavey
  • Michal Szokolo
  • Pawel Luty
  • Roberto Di Meglio
  • Anthony Ragan
  • Graeme Davis
  • Aaron John Pile
  • Richard Iorio II
  • Marcin Kawalerowicz
  • Martin Oliver
  • Daniel Chayvialle
  • Alfred Nunez
  • Michael Andersen
  • Claus Ekstroem
  • Samuel Breton
  • Miguel Bandera
  • Robert Rees
  • Michal Machowski
  • Raul M. Talavera
  • Michal Poreba
  • Andrew Marshall
  • Morten Krog
  • Jason Tilley
  • Timothy Eccles
  • Frederic Barnabe
  • Francis Verhoeye


WFRP - Warhammer Fantasy RoleplayRD - Restless Dead Campaign
WFB - Warhammer Fantasy BattleRoC - Realms of Chaos
WH40K - Warhammer 40,000WC - Warhammer City
GW - Games WorkshopDotR - Death on the Reik
WD - White DwarfPBT - Power Behind the Throne
LG - Le GrimoireSRK - Something's Rotten in Kislev
WW - WunderWeltenFP - Fate Point
CB - Casus BelliL&D - The Lost and the Dammned
AR - Australian RealmsTEW - The Enemy Within campaign
M&M - Might & MagicEiF - Empire in Flames
MM - Making MoviesMS - Maelstrom
WS - WarpstoneHW - Hogwash
CUR - Chaos Ultima RatioPYR - Pyramid
FX - FonixWM - Warhammer Monthly
WWI - White Wolf InphobiaCBHS - Casus Belli Hors-Serie
CC - Chaos ClamberO&L - Legendes & Oracle
WCMP - Warhammer CompanionDG - Dark Gazette
StS - Strike to Stun 

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