Introduction to the WFRP Miragliano project

This is an introduction to an updated MIRAGLIANO text (version 0.95 so far).

I want to introduce you a project for WFRP that will contain new roleplaying material for use in adventures, campaigns or whatever you like to do with it. It bothered me that most of the existing material for WFRP takes part in the Empire. I wanted to have also material for other areas of the Old World.
If you wait for GW to do that than you'll get covered with dust so I looked out in the mailing list and the Warhammer ftp site for material and was told that a couple of material existed but is lost now for several reasons (Lustria, Nippon, etc.).

Okay, it's time to change this !
Let's have together some brain (and finger) work done and work out a city of adventuring in a part of the Old World that is quite virginal.


I don't want to have a general script done for the whole area because in most cases that kind of material isn't specific enough to help you with a campaign.
But I want to work out a whole city (with maps and pictures, detailed descriptions and adventure outlines).

So I started to type in some thoughts and ideas I had. The result is now called


and may be the beginning of a script that could be published by GW itself (hmmm).

Don't get me wrong - I don't want to publish it as a paperback yet but let everybody the possibility (speaking about quality) and freedem to do so (without financial interests, of course).

Everybody who wants to be a part of this project is asked to send such an extension to the script to the WFRP mailing list (or email me - I will add those stuff to the manuscript as well as type in new ideas by myself.

Note :

If someone sends something about Miragliano to the list and you dislike it - don't complain about that. I don't want to go through dozens of follow-ups saying that's good and that's not. If the extension is too contrary to the old stuff or really doesn't fit, I guess I will notice that, too. And if I don't you can complain about that when I'm posting the whole stuff next time.

BTW, I will send the manuscript regularly to the mailing list. Please show comprehension for it.