Maps and Pictures for Miragliano

Map 01 :

This picture shows the islands Miragliano has been built upon. It doesn't show the city itself.

Map 02 :

This picture shows Miragliano's islands and the bridges between them. Also it shows the palace district, where the Duce others live.
At this stage, it doesn't show the area where bridges and platforms are built into the water (no islands) and where the poorest of the poor live.

Map 03 :

It shows the plague camp and its garrison outside Miragliano, to which all those pitiful come, who show signs of a plague or disease.
The smaller of both forts is the garrison, the larger one is the plague camp. What looks like dirt should represent the trails of coaches and persons in the marsh ground.
The small circles inside the camp represent tents in which the camp inhabitants mostly live.

Picture 01 :

This picture shows a man using one of Leonardo de Miragliano's inventions. He created artificial wings with which mankind should be able to fly (theoretically)...

Picture 02 :

This picture shows the building of the famous Miragliano Academy of Finer Arts.