nce upon a time, there was a young lad who knew nothing of the world outside and its fearsome perils.

e never thought of such evil things as roleplaying or dices with other than six sides.

his boy happily lived his life, just until one day one of his collegues asked an irritating question:

Do you want to join us later today for a roleplaying session?

couple of wary catch questions were countered by blatant lies like 'Well, it's just like any other game, just more fun.' or 'Don't worry, it won't take long.'

ured into the mess by such false promises the boy soon became hooked by a group of RPG cultists. They threw a German roleplaying system called DSA at him and showed him their holy sacrifice chamber called gaming room with its altair called gaming table. Finally they introduced their supplier called RPG shop to him.

oth cultists and supplier casted a charming spell on that poor lad and thus this new 'hobby' soon ate away all his financial resources.

hough time went by the charming spell didn't loose any of its power. The poor soul was already almost completely lost as one of the cultists made one fatal mistake.

eing more and more inattentive and blinded by their quick success, one of the cultists spoke the following words:

Look what I found... One whole rule system together with an adventure in only one single book. And it's even good...

ever before such an unforgivable error was made.Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay came into the life of the young man and things drastically changed. In a very short time, the lad took over the whole cult completely, becoming its new leader.

e cared about potential opponents and broadened the cults basis. The cult prospered and over the years many a trophy and treasure was hoarded up.

nly recently witch hunters found out about this hoard which is known as The WFRP Treasury.

hat is the WFRP Treasury?

The WFRP Treasury contains various material such as maps, artwork, re-narrations, background material and suchlike for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. WFRP is an RPG that suffered from a lack of official support some years ago which means that WFRP fans often had to create their own stuff for this game if they wanted to continue playing it. Since Hogshead Publishing relaunched WFRP back in 1995, it became more and more popular again (as is the internet) which is one of the reasons why lots of people have their own material ready to share with others. What was missing is a forum for those people to present their material. This is what these web pages are intended for.

hat kind of material can be found herein?

In short: Potentially anything imaginable as long as it is designed for WFRP.
You will be able to find city maps, artwork, campaign re-narrations, rules extensions, background material, scenario outlines, NPCs, and lots more for use in your home campaign.

re any updates planned?

Yes. I plan to update new material to the WFRP Treasury regularly (maybe on a monthly basis) both to invite you to visit the WFRP Treasury often and to provide an ever interesting site for all you WFRP GMs and players out there.

hat makes this material collection so special?

The material presented on these pages usually cannot be found elsewhere on the web - though exceptions may prove the rule.
Additionally, the material presented here is from different authors and artists which allows a large variety of ideas, styles and presentations.

m I allowed to contribute my own material?

Yes, of course you're allowed and welcome to contribute your own material to the WFRP Treasury. In fact, I sincerely count on you as only continuous support by other WFRP fans can warrant these pages' future.
Send any ideas or concrete contributions via email to or You're welcome to send your opinion or suggestions this way, too.

here hasn't been an update for a while. What's going on?

The main page should contain a list of the most recent changes and additions to these web pages. If you feel that this web page is slightly (or heavily) outdated, then bug me a bit. Send an email asking for new additions or improvements to or Make suggestions what you want to see (or not see). Get me involved again. Sometimes I need to be kicked around a bit for motivation.

have problems with viewing these pages...

The WFRP Treasury web pages were designed for use with Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer 4.x or higher. They use tables, javascript and images, so any kind of weird behaviour is likely to be caused by very old viewing tools.
Please report any unintended behaviour to me to enable me to change the code.

ho is the author of these web pages?

Well, I am...
Honestly, my name is Oliver Rosenkranz. I'm a German born and still living in Berlin. I'm employed in the computer business and a WFRP fanatic (who said lunatic?!).

ther web pages?

The WFRP Treasury web pages are part of my web site Please do me a favour and visit my other web pages, too, where you among other things will find the WFRP Adventure Collection, a master index of WFRP web sites, an almost complete list of WFRP articles in fanzines, and other stuff.