In a futile attempt to learn something from new and exciting technologies, I stumbled across Deep Zoom technology within Silverlight II (both of them being MS developments). Being interested in zooming into and out of maps, I discovered that MS created Seadragon Ajax which is more or less a way to include those images in a normal web page.

Thinking of this a cool feature, I played with this a bit. As a result, you can look at my first try of a zoomable WFRP map.

This way, a Gamesmaster could, for example, zoom into a map so that players can only see the relevant part of a map, then scroll it as the PCs are travelling.

Or you could use this technology to easily produce movie-like features for your own WFRP web page by zooming into pictures, for example.

Of course, you can easily find even better ways of using this map or your own Deep Zoom pictures.

Notes: Microsoft told me that Seadragon Ajax uses web standards, so it works with a multitude of browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox. It even works on a Mac using Safari.

Legal disclaimer: I do not own the map, I found it as a download on a website with no reference to the authors. I do not claim any copyright for the map, the names, the RPG or the MS features I mention. I also do not want to infringe somebody else's copyright, so if somebody knows the creator of the map, I would happily ask for allowance and I would happily give credit.