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30/ August / 2001 : Update, Update, Update...
Some files have been updated and others have been added. The website has been reorganised too.

We have quite a few files in the pipeline, however we will only be able to deliver them if we find some people to do proofreading/editing on them. So if you feel capable of doing the job, please volunteer. We'll also need new authors/helpers for the sourcebook to succeed...
This is an Internet Sourcebook. Free, Fanbased and open to all sensible suggestions. If you think some of our material is poor, let us know about it and write an alternative version for the project. Thanks to all who by their feedback, help the project to make progress :-)

It is now possible to download the complete website from our download page.
By the next site update we should have one or two complete Bretonnian scenarios available for download and maybe also some Bretonnian ready-to-play PCs.


14/ August / 2001 : Site Update

This Update has seen the addition of a money section so as to compare the coinage of Bretonnia with that of the Empire.
The map section has been updated and there has also been both a language section and an additional sources section included.

25/ May / 2001 : Site Revised
We hope to achieve a more significant update this summer...hopefully.
Those who have questions about the project could start by visiting
the Bretonnia Forum at RPN and are very welcome to start some new threads there.
We are planning on creating a new page for the project members to give their opinion about Bretonnia and the Bretonnia-Project. To all the project members : Please make some submission for the website (anything you think could be of interest).

New File :
Several maps of Bretonnia and 2 new drafts have been added to the site in the background section. They should be considerered as "almost final versions".
We intend to provide all files in both doc and html format (and pdf for the final versions).

The Site :
Wardy has taken over the site. This update is very late mainly because Wardy took a long time to do it....
Anyway, frames have been added to help simplify navigation. Wardy insisted on it, so I had to let him do it.
Those wanting to practice their French can now visit our independant French site.
Also a
(links) section has been added.
The presentation page is an attempt to give an overwiev of the different aspects of Bretonnia. Some of the characters depicted on the pictures may play important roles in our great Bretonnian Campaign (which we need more writers for).

10/ December / 2000 : Second update
The project has made a bit more progress.
It looks like this project will actually achieve something... But I'm not really sure what.  (:-|
"Current status" is a new page with some information about the current state of the project.
"The Bretonnian timeline" is now in HTML form (in French and in English).

New File :
- Charles de la Tête d'Or, a brief description of the Bretonnian monarch and some information on
recent Bretonnian events (HTML).

The Site :
Most of the pages have been updated.
The site now makes use of the Project logos : the red sun (symbol of the Bretonnian king) and the fleur de lys
(Emblem of the Le Breton family).
I took down the (French and English) flags on the Download Page because some people complained about them.
So if you don't like something on these page, just complain and we will change it... Or maybe not...

The section in French language has also been updated with "Nouvelles Fraîches du royaume".  

08/ October / 2000 : First update
The project has made some progress.
"About the Bretonnia project" is updated, more information can be found in "The basis of the Bretonnia project",
"The draft of the Bretonnian timeline" in txt form can be downloaded.
A section in French language is added "La base du projet Bretonnien".  

20/ August / 2000 : Site created (the design is very basic).
The project has just started.
Check out the introduction "About the Bretonnia project"

Last Updated: 1 / September / 2001

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Peter Butterworth

"This project sure is taking up more time than I would have expected when I started it... But still it's a great experience !"