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Bretonnia-Project main page (www.ifrance/wfrp/)  A Bretonnian Sourcebook for WFRP
Bretonnia mirror site (  No advertising, but it is not always up to date
Bretonnia Forum  Internet based forum @ Role Play Network
Project Mailing List  Restricted to project members

Some Recommended WFRP Links  What is WFRP, as seen by Hogshead the current publisher  Warpstone, the excellent WFRP fanzine  G. Lepper's "Ye Olde Den of Iniquity" A. Nunez's Homepage  Leif Ulrich Schrader's Site, "Rossi's warp gate"  Verena's Library, Mark Bell

Sites not directly Related to WFRP real world european names
University of Aberdeen Historic Collections  portraits, etc.
Web Gallery of Art paintings Le poulet Gauche 16th century history

Sites in French  Le Grimoire, the French WFRP fanzine.  L'élément renégat de F. Couillard  Les Minotaures du Sud  A page on 16th Century history

Last Updated: 25/ May / 2001

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