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Note: This magazine is no longer existant.

#?? - The Destruction of Waldad (pp.27-30)

Sir Roger:

Note: This fanzine is dead by now.

#?? - The Flight of Ikarus (pp.8-20)
	new flight machines for WFB and WFRP
#?? - Memories of a Troll-Slayer (pp.43-45)
	a deeper look on the psychology and motivation of dwarfen


Address: Aparto de Correos 5081; 31080 Pamplona; Spain
Note: This address is incomplete or wrong. I got my letter bounced when I tried to contact them. Any suggestions?


Address: Club de Rol y Simulacion Orden Esoterica de Insmouth, c/o Alejandro Alvarez; Calle Asturias, 9, 11B; 33206 Gijon; Spain

Mister Rol:

Address: Miguel Bandera; C/ la Mancha n7; 2 Izda.; 33210 Gijon; Spain
Note: This is an electronic fanzine (for PC only) distributed via floppy disk by ordinary mail. You can also freely download it on the internet from an ftp archive site (see below for ftp address - WWW notation). As it is published electronically, it's virtually impossible to provide any page numbers. The values given represent the numbers given by the editor.
email address: mister@netcom.es
ftp site: ftp://est.unileon.es/pub/revistas/mr/
#02 - The lost mountain village
#03 - El Sendero de la Traicion (pp.32-33)
#03 - Warhammer, el juego de rol olvidado (p.41)
	The history of Warhammer products

Politica y Ciclopedo:

Address: Hector R. Asperilla; Calle Art. Tioda, 6; Principal D; 33012 Oviedo; Spain

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