French publications

Casus Belli:

Address: Excelsior Publications, 1 rue du Colonel Pierre Avia, 75503 Paris Cedex 15, France

#036 - Open Box for WFRP
#038 - Review of WFRP rulebook
#047 - Le Dieu sans nom (pp.13-16)
#049 - Open Box for Realms of Chaos - Slaves of darkness
#052 - Net of Heaven (pp.11-15)
#055 - Une bonne Recette (pp.2-4)
#065 - Une histoire de fesses (pp.13-16)
#069 - Conspiracy! (orig: Des bebes en veux-tu en voila!) (pp.9-13)
#071 - Eagle of Prey, Eagle of Hate (pp.2-16)
	campaign part 1
#074 - The Grey Robes (pp.10-13)
	campaign part 2
#078 - Luisa's curse (pp.53-56)
#082 - Skaven! (pp.60-63)
#083 - Ou l'on fait route a bord d'une Caravoile (p.85)
	a new vehicle for WFRP
#088 - Ne noyez pas mon cognac! (pp.48-51)
#090 - Quand Annalisa vint a la ville (pp.67-70)
#093 - The mirror of Shadows (pp.44-46,p.55)
#099 - Remb'injogu (pp.62-67)
	campaign part 1 - South Lands
#100 - Dance of the Rat (pp.63-66)
	campaign part 2 - South Lands
#104 - Ou la musique adoucit les meurtres (p.67)
	a halfling NPC description
#105 - Sous le regard de Solkan (pp.36-39)
#109 - WFRP - a product family portrait (pp.24-29)
	This review describes all books published in french for WFRP, including 
	Pour la Gloire d'Ulric and tells how they can be used. It is also told
	what is needed to begin with WFRP wether you know RPGs or not. There
	also is a list of all (except the first) scenarios published in Casus
	Belli for this game.
#109 - Perfide Albion (pp.60-66)
#111 - The Shadow of Ecate (pp.60-66)
#114 - La Guerre du lance-feu (pp.52-67)
#116 - Review of Sartosa (p.14)
	short review of Sartosa (Le Grimoire #16)
#117 - La guerre de la bière (pp.36-40)

Casus Belli Hors-Serie:

Address: Excelsior Publications, 1 rue du Colonel Pierre Avia, 75503 Paris Cedex 15, France
Note: CBHS are special issues of the French magazine CB each of them has a certain theme.

#14 - L'Experience d'Azelic (pp.64-71)
	scenario for WFRP, AD&D and others
#14 - La vieille Cathedrale (pp.72-79)
	scenario for WFRP, AD&D and others
#14 - Entre le Noir et le Vert (pp.80-89)
	scenario for WFRP, AD&D and others
#14 - Le Temple du Dieu Kobold (pp.90-??)
	scenario for WFRP, AD&D and others
#17 - Le Dragon d'Emeraude (pp.62-63)
	scenario for WFRP, AD&D and others
#17 - Vingt milieux sous le Mers (pp.64-65)
	scenario for WFRP, AD&D and others
#17 - Coups fourres, Coups dans l'Eau (pp.66-??)
	scenario for WFRP, AD&D and others
#20 - L'oeil du Gardien (pp.58-65)
	scenario for WFRP, Rolemaster and AD&D

Le Grimoire:

Note: LG is a magazine/fanzine wholly dedicated to Warhammer. While most articles are about WFRP, some are also for WFB.
Special: Issue 16 is a Sartosa special and comes in two volumes bound together into one book.
Address: Sebastien Boudoud, 3 Rue Andre Le Notre, 49300 Cholet, France

#01 - Last Minute (p.4)
	short rules for undead, three poems
#01 - The receptions of Adam Bigfoot (p.5)
	two new potions
#01 - Creatures (pp.6-7)
	four new entries for the bestiary
#01 - Tales and Legends (pp.8-9)
	new race: imps
#01 - Spells, Rituals and Curses (pp.10-13)
	new petty (1) and battle magic (6) spells, one magical object
#01 - At Anders Kaufmann's (p.14)
	Imperial and Breton vines
#01 - Karak Uzbad, dwarfen city (pp.13-19)
	dungeon description
#01 - Warlock the Destroyer (pp.20-21)
	an NPC
#01 - Optional Rules (p.22)
	weapon and fighting rules
#01 - Hand of Slaanesh (pp.23-26,Handout)
#01 - New Careers (p.27)
	farmer career
#01 - New Weapons (pp.28-29)
	four tools of war
#01 - New Skills (p.30)
	four new abilities
#01 - Falling Damage Critical Hit Table (p.32)
	new ways of dying
#02 - Imperial Gazette (pp.6-7)
#02 - The Shores of Araby (pp.8-13)
	supplement: Araby (timeline, map, gazetteer, society)
#02 - Navigation in the South Sea (pp.14-16)
	Rules for Naval combat and navigation
#02 - The receptions of Adam Bigfoot (pp.18-19)
	six new potions, drugs and poisons
#02 - Spells, Rituals and Curses (pp.20-21)
	four new battle magic spells
#02 - Indiana 'Indi' Johann (p.22)
	an NPC
#02 - Free the Dogs (pp.23-27)
	introduction scenario
#02 - Creatures (pp.28-29)
	five new entries for the bestiary
#02 - New Careers (pp.30-31)
	dragon slayer, courtisane, noble-woman
#02 - Old World Inventons (p.32)
	description of a mechanical knight
#02 - New Waepons (pp.33-34)
	three new tools of war
#02 - Fire Damage Critical Hit Table (p.35)
	new ways to die
#03 - Imperial Gazette (p.5)
#03 - Creatures (pp.6-8)
	nine new entries for the bestiary
#03 - The receptions of Adam Bigfoot (p.9)
	three magical artifacts and one funghus
#03 - The Shores of Araby (pp.10-12)
	cities, deity description and diseases of Araby
#03 - Tales and Legends (p.13)
	abilities of halflings and dwarfs
#03 - Navigation in the South Sea (pp.14-16)
	vessel types and dangers in the South Sea
#03 - Khair Ad-Din (p.18)
	an NPC
#03 - Adventure in the mines (pp.19-22)
	adventure for Karak Uzbad (issue #01)
#03 - Elven Poems of Thomas Tergaliel (p.23)
#03 - Spells, Rituals and Curses (pp.24-25)
	druidic (3) and petty (1) spells
#03 - New Weapons (p.26)
	tools for cannons
#03 - New Skills (p.27)
	five new abilities
#03 - New Careers (pp.28-34)
	13 (!) new careers
#04 - Imperial Gazette (pp.6-7)
#04 - Elven Poems by Tergaliel (p.8)
#04 - The Shores of Araby (pp.9-11)
	Arabian locations
#04 - Creatures (p.12)
	three new entries for the bestiary
#04 - Did you say Vampire? (Vous avez dit Vampire?) (pp.13-17)
#04 - Johann Sebastian Bach (p.18)
	an NPC
#04 - Tales & Legends (p.19)
	new race: nymphs
#04 - Old World Inventions (p.20)
	optional rules for the mechanical knight from issue #02,
	telescopic sight-tool
#04 - Elven Tales (pp.21-23)
	some information about wood elves
#04 - New PC race (pp.24-25)
	the vampire
#04 - New Skills (pp.26-27)
	13 new abilities
#04 - At the Inn of Karl Gluecklich (p.28)
	three pub games for use in RPG
#04 - New Careers (pp.29-35)
	13 (!) new careers
#05 - By Demons Be Driven (pp.10-17)
	Demonic powers and personalities - part 1
#05 - Le Grimoire Comic (pp.18-20)
#05 - In the Shadow of the Black Mountains (pp.21-28)
#05 - Lustria (pp.29-33)
	supplement: Lustria (timeline, weather, diseases, locations, races)
#05 - Colombus Caravelle (p.34)
	an NPC
#05 - Spells, Ritual and Curses (p.35)
	new petty (1) and battle magic (2) spells
#05 - Tales & Legends (p.36)
	about Giants
#05 - At the Inn of Karl Gluecklich (p.37)
	another two pub games for use in RPG
#05 - Elven Tales (p.38)
	about high and dark elves
#05 - Poems of Thomas Tergaliel (p.39)
#05 - New Skills (p.42)
	five new abilities
#05 - New Careers (pp.43-46)
	six new careers
#06 - By Demons Be Driven (pp.6-13)
	Demonic powers and personalities - part 2
#06 - Lustria (pp.14-17)
	cities, a map, places of interest
#06 - Creatures (pp.18-19,p.24)
	seven new entries for the bestiary (Lustrian)
#06 - New PC Race (pp.20-21)
	The Slann
#06 - Navigation on the Grand Ocean (p.22)
	Rules for Surviving on and Falling/Jumping into the sea
#06 - Sea Merchant Companies (pp.23-24)
#06 - New Careers (p.25)
	the canvasser career
#06 - The Shores of Araby (pp.26-35)
	places of interest, society, magical items, buildings, NPC,
	travelling incidents, scenario outlines, new career: Pahlawan
	(arab catcher)
#06 - Le Grimoire Comic: Altdorf (pp.37-41)
#06 - Poems of Thomas Tergaliel (p.42)
#06 - Conan in the Warhammer World (pp.43-46)
	source of GM's inspiration
#07 - The Old World - Parties of Presence (pp.12-16)
	campaign outline about a meeting between the rulers of the Empire
	and Bretonnia with lots of intrigues. Playable after the events of
	TEW - EiF
#07 - New careers in Bretonnia (pp.17-18)
	Musceteer, driver, bird-keeper
#07 - Hans Hoffmann - a forger in Nuln (p.19)
	an NPC
#07 - Money in the Old World (pp.20-21)
	essay about the different currencies in the Old World
#07 - New Weapons (p.22)
	Muscet, Incendiary Fuses
#07 - New Skills (p.23)
	five new abilities
#07 - Poems of Myrhin Filaviel (pp.24-25)
	trivial elven poetry
#07 - Lustria (pp.26-27)
#07 - New PC Races (pp.28-29)
	Amazons and Pygmies
#07 - Creatures (pp.30-32)
	four new entries for the bestiary
#07 - Jungle Encounters (pp.33-34)
#07 - Lustrian Gazetteer (pp.34-35)
#07 - Araby: creatures and legends (pp.36-37)
#07 - New Spells (pp.38-39)
	new elemental (2), illusionary (1) and battle (1) magic spells
#07 - The World's Edge Mountains - The Dwarfen Clan of the Crying Axe (pp.41-50)
	supplement about the history of this dwarfen clan and its
	major NPCs
#08 - Elven Poems of Thomas Tergaliel (p.7)
#08 - Introduction to the campaign "Saga of the Skollvefson brothers" (pp.10-11)
	the campaign (see issue #09) has won a French adventure contest
#08 - The Old World - Report about the Cult of the Jade Sceptre (pp.17-20)
	report about a Slaaneshi cult introduced in issue #07 (parties of
	presence) with descriptions of diseases (gifts of the deity), drugs,
	oils & perfums, mental disorders
#08 - The World's Edge Mountains (pp.21-28)
	dwarfen deities: Kragnir - God of Battles, Noroma - Goddess of Fire
	and Hearth, Gazul - Lord of the Underworld;
	new career: Demon Slayer; novel: One Too Many!
#08 - Nippon Archipel (pp.30-46)
	supplement: timeline, map, geography, climate, cities & rivers,
	society, skills, weapons, NPC, new careers (Sumotori, Yakuza, Budoka,
	Bushi, Geisha, Samurai, Ninja, Philosopher, Kuge, Heimin)
#09 - Map of southern Old World and Araby (b/w) (p.16)
#09 - Saga of the Skollvefson brothers (pp.17-42)
	Lustrian campaign
#09 - Eternal Wealth (pp.44-47)
	short Lustrian novel
#09 - The people of the abysses (pp.48-58)
	Lustrian scenario settled in New Magritta including a detailed
	description of this city
#09 - People to meet in a tavern (p.67)
	short introduction of several NPCs
#10 - Map of southern Old World and Araby (b/w) (p.7)
#10 - Interview with Phil Gallagher (pp.13-20)
#10 - The Old World: The Racing Animal (pp.22-26)
#10 - Magnus de Nostradame (pp.27-29)
	an NPC and his prophecies - part 1
#10 - Focus (pp.30-32)
	a deep look at the Lawyer career
#10 - Scenarexpress (p.32)
	short adventure outline featuring Albrecht Oldenhaller
#10 - Grotius Van Lauterpacht (p.33)
	an NPC
#10 - The Chronicles of Piotr Sokolov (pp.35-37)
	an Rotball player NPC and a career
#10 - Nippon Archipel (pp.39-46)
	Nipponese weapon, religion, architecture and creatures
#11 - Chronicles of Piotr Sokolov (pp.12-15)
	Warhammer gazettes, Rotzball
#11 - The Loren Forest (pp.18-22)
	Trees, flower and other plants of Loren, its creatures
#11 - The dark tale of Torin Last-Bridge (pp.24-26)
	short story
#11 - Focus
	a deep look on slayer characters, new career
#11 - At the Inn of Hans Gluecklich (pp.31-32)
	conversation of the group of heroes
#11 - The Cursed Manor (pp.33-34)
	location near Pfeildorf
#11 - Magnus de Nostradame (pp.35-37)
	an NPC and his prophecies - part 2
#11 - Klaus Schenk Von Stauffenberg (pp.38-40)
	Major Chaos Champion NPC
#11 - Tales & Legends (pp.41-43)
	stage plays of the Old World
#12 - The Old World: The Southron (pp.15-18)
	what lies south to Araby?
#12 - Spells, Rituals and Curses (pp.19-21)
	The Moons' Influence on Magic
#12 - Poems of Myrhin Filaviel (p.22)
	elven poetry
#12 - Focus (pp.23-26)
#12 - Gazargun Fire-Skull (pp.26-28)
	a goblin Dwarf-Slayer NPC
#12 - The Empire
	a look on Goblin society (pp.29-32)
#12 - The World's Edge Mountains (pp.33-45,extra enclosure)
	scenario for Goblin player characters
#12 - Career Overview (pp.65-70)
	Initial career charts, career list, skill list, etc. including
	all new careers and skills introduced in LG up to this issue
#13 - The Power of the Old Slann (p.5)
	short story as intoduction to LG #13
#13 - The Realms of Sorcery (pp.7-9)
	short introduction to different planes of existance, e.g.
	Daemonic Realms, Realm of Morr/Khaine/Rhya, the daemonic/
	necromantic spell "Bannishment"
#13 - Research of Immortality (pp.10-11)
	different potions and herbs
#13 - Grimoires of the Old World (pp.12-24)
	six books of arcane wisdom and power including nineteen new spells
#13 - Southron Chronicles (pp.24-25)
	short story
#13 - Focus: The Astonishing law-suit of Loernoer Hachenkreich (pp.26-31)
	about an Elementalist in short story format
#13 - A Surprising Encounter (p.32)
#13 - New Careers (pp.33-34)
	Archmage & Runemaster careers
#13 - Magical Objects and Holy Items (pp.35-39)
	essay about runes, staffs, artifacts and other items
#13 - Slann Technology (p.39)
	Slann weaponry and other technological tools
#13 - Petty Magic Spells (pp.41-42)
	eleven new spells
#13 - Battle Magic Spells (pp.43-50)
	five first-level, eight second-level, two third-level and three
	fourth-level spells
#13 - Arcane Rules (pp.49-50)
	rules for Magic Points, magical projectiles, immunity to Chaos
#13 - Elemental Spell (pp.51-58)
	seven first-level, four second-level, four third-level and six
	fourth-level spells
#13 - Elemental Secrets (p.54)
	rules for ice magic and elementals
#13 - Necromantic Spells (pp.59-66)
	two first-level, two second-level, two third-level and five
	fourth-level spells
#13 - Necromantic Secrets (pp.63-64)
	rules for undead, spirits, and tests to control them
#13 - Daemonic Spells (pp.67-74)
	two first-level, five second-level, three third-level and three
	fourth-level spells
#13 - Daemonic Secrets (pp.70-72)
	rules for (de-)incarnation of a Daemon
#13 - Illusionary Spells (pp.77-81)
	five first-level, two second-level, two third-level and three
	fourth level spells
#13 - Illusionary Secrets (pp.79-80)
	rules for djinnis and realism of illusions
#13 - Alchemical Spells (pp.83-84)
	two spells to create homunculi and golems
#13 - Alchemical Secrets (p.84)
	rules for research
#13 - Prayers (pp.85-92)
	16 new spells for clerics and druids
#13 - Clerical Restrictions (pp.89-92)
	rules for spell restrictions, holy water, sacred cult items,
	non-evil daemons, curses
#13 - The Strange Homes of Sorcerors (p.93)
#14 - Interview with Herve Schneider (pp.16-18)
	Mr. Schneider is the author of "Pour la Gloire d'Ulric"
#14 - Throstle Night (pp.19-26)
#14 - The Green Continent: The God Flame-Spitter (pp.27-41)
	Lustrian scenario
#15 - New Race (pp.6-9)
	Dark Elves
#15 - Elven Weapons (p.10)
#15 - Skill & Career list (pp.14-17)
	index of old&new skills and careers in English & French
#15 - New Basic and Advanced Careers (pp.19-28,pp.30-37,pp.39-45,pp.47-54)
	61 new careers
#15 - Urbain de Talley Rang (p.29)
	a character
#15 - Tartelance, the Pilgrim (p.38)
	halfling deity
#15 - Mathlann, Father of the Wind (p.46)
	Wood and Sea Elven deity
#15 - Focus (pp.55-63)
	a deep look at mercenaries, their codex, regiments, their missions,
	organisation, their prices, and how to play mercenaries
#15 - Southrons' Chronicles or Dark Tales (pp.64-65)
	short story
#15 - New Basic and Advanced Careers (pp.66-81,p.83)
	another 34 new careers
#15 - New Skills (p.82)
	seven new abilities
#15 - Alcohol and the PC's (p.84)
	a deeper look onto alcoholism and resistance against booze
#15 - Magical Combat (p.85)
#15 - Non-Magical Combat (pp.86-87)
	introducing two new weapon rules
#15 - The Promises of Slaanesh (p.88)
	a short scenario idea
#15 - Le Grimoire comics: Altdorf (pp.89-92)
#15 - The Gods of Law (pp.94-100)
	descriptions of Arianka, Solkan and Illuminas
#16 - Description of the Port-Town [Sartosa] (pp.10-28)
	description and maps of Sartosa, city of Pirates
#16 - Important Characters on the Isle [Sartosa] (pp.30-37)
	the eight Sartosa authorities
#16 - The Leading Pirates of Sartosa (pp.38-65)
	fourty pirate captains in Sartosa
#16 - Legendary Pirates of Sartosa (pp.68-71)
	two legends
#16 - The Etablissements [of Sartosa] (pp.72-77)
	five locations, two new drugs and some characters
#16 - Description of the whole isle [Sartosa] (pp.78-87)
	inhabitants and places of mystery
#16 - Careers and Typical Profiles (pp.88-99)
	three new careers and lots of typical characters
#16 - Allied Cities [of Sartosa] (pp.100-103)
	Brionne, Riquezas and Al Haikk
#16 - Present Forces (pp.104-112)
	the seven fleets of the Middle Sea
#16 - The Tilean City States (pp.114-133)
	Miragliano, Tobaro, Remas, Luccini
#16 - Map Of Tilea (p.117)
#16 - The Estalian Kingdoms (pp.134-143)
	Astarioos, Tigarre, Obregon, Cantonia, Irrana Mountains
#16 - Map of Estalia (p.136)
#16 - Lustria (pp.144-153)
	the city of Riquezas, a new deity (Gaator) and three new prayers
#16 - The Border Princedoms (pp.154-159)
	including a new career and the deity Ecate
#16 - The Badlands (p.160)
	short description of these lands
#16 - Sea Trading Companies of the Southern Old World (pp.162-165)
	some trading rules and ten trading companies
#16 - Southern Old World Gazetteer (pp.166-167)
#16 - Sartosa (p.171)
	colour map of the isle of Sartosa
#16 - The Portrait of Edouard de Russet (pp.7-15, Volume II)
#16 - Inside the Dragon's Tooth (pp.17-28, Volume II)
#16 - Player Characters (pp.30-39, Volume II)
	seven PCs for use with the above-mentioned adventures
#16 - Some Curiosities of Luccini (pp.40-43, Volume II)
	Legends and Rumours found in Luccini
#16 - Rules and Game Supplement (pp.44-50, Volume II)
	rules for coinage, naval combat, amputated limbs, gun powder
#16 - Diseases of the Sea and the Sea folks (pp.52-53, Volume II)
	four new diseases
#16 - Characters Growing Old (pp.54-55, Volume II)
	rules for old characters

Jeux Descartes Plus:

Note: This magazine is the house magazine of the French company Jeux Descartes which is in possession of the copyright for WFRP in France only. They publish material for all their licensed games in this magazine. Issues marked with an "S" are called "Descartes, le supplement".

#02 - In pursuit of the Slann (pp.2-15)
	campaign in the Empire to find a member of the legendary
	Slann people
#02S - Minor Magical Items: brain instead of muscles (pp.16-17)
#02S - Lots of Curses (pp.18-19)
#02S - Further South: The Arabs in WFRP (pp.20-21)
#02S - Arch-Enemies (pp.22-23)
	how to deal with arch-enemies in WFRP and an exemplary arch-enemy
#?? - Questions & Answers (p.24)
#?? - Ra'Ban d'Ig, the southern nation (pp.28-34)
#05 - Characters in Warhammer (pp.4-7)
#05 - Careers in Warhammer (pp.8-10)
#05 - Questions & Answers (pp.11-12)
 about magic (with some clarification about spell components)
#05S - Ant work (pp.2-11)
 a WFRP adventure where PC are reduced to the size of ants (original)
#05S - Animal training (pp.12-14)
 an in-depth look at animal training with expanded training rules


Note: That fanzine's first issue is named #100, the second is called #57...
Address: Gor-Gor - Lia Roques, 1 rue de l'Ouvèze, 84000 Avignon, France

#100 - Au riche Putois (pp.7-14)


#02 - The Great Darkness (pp.12-17)


Address: Encre Noire - Samuel Tarapacki; 1, allee de la Comedie; 44800 St Herblain; France

#07 - Chaos Ultima Ratio - Conspiracy in Stirland (pp.42-49)
	CUR campaign introduction and first part
#07 - Chaos Ultima Ratio - In the Dungeons of Talabheim (pp.50-54)
	second part of CUR campaign
#08 - Chaos Ultima Ratio - Vlad Drakus & the cursed city of Praag (pp.41-51)
	third part of CUR campaign
#08 - Chaos Ultima Ratio - The Temple of Illuminas (pp.52-56)
	fourth chapter of CUR campaign
#09 - Chaos Ultima Ratio - The Mysterious Loren (pp.45-47)
	fifth installment of CUR campaign
#09 - Chaos Ultima Ratio - Brionne, City of Thieves (pp.48-53)
	sixth part of CUR campaign
#10 - Chaos Ultima Ratio - Enlighted (pp.47-54)
	seventh part of CUR campaign
#10 - Chaos Ultima Ratio - In the Heart of Chaos (pp.55-56)
	eighth part and end of the CUR campaign
#15 - Dark Fates (pp.Do49-Do50)
	character description
#15 - Deceptive Appearance (pp.Sc1-Sc14)


Address: Backstab; 36, rue de la Clef; 59800 Lille; France

#03 - A Pleasant Journey with a cheap ticket (pp.71-80)
#06 - The Entrails of the Horned Rat (pp.80-83)

La Balade d'Aphelie:

Address: Reso Ludique - David PERNOT; 17, rue J. Cellerier; 21000 Dijon, France
web page: http://www2.ec-lille.fr/~pernot/resoludique/2principale.html
email address: pernot@eclia2.ec-lille.fr

#01 - The Bridge of A. Vignon (pp.24-30)
#01 - The Wolves come when it rains (pp.31-34)
#01 - The Exorcist (pp.35-41)


Address: Bazar Magazine - M Dewimile Pierre; 26, rue Paul Lafargue; 62330 Isbergues; France

#01 - Trouble Ressemblance!!!
#01 - Salade de Troll


Address: Entropix - Severac Alain; 695, av Mazenod numero 32; 13100 Aix en Provence; France

#02 - Magic in Warhammer (pp.26-28)
	first part of a two-parts article about Magic in the Warhammer
#03 - Sline the Old Slann (pp.14-26)
#03 - Magic in Warhammer (pp.27-31)
	second and last part of an article about Magic in the Warhammer


Address: Association Le Manoir des Roses, Maison pour Tous Boris Vian, 12 rue de l'Amethyste, 34000 Montpellier, France

Aenigmatis Encyclios Disciplina:

Address: Jean Markert, 1 rue du General Roussel, 90000 Belfort, France


Address: Sylvain Peterson; 17 rue du Val d'Osne; 94410 Saint-Maurice; France
Note: This fanzine is dedicated to WFRP only. If you order via cheque, make it payable to Mme Peter.

#01 - Bestiary (pp.4-5)
	three creatures for use in WFRP
#01 - Ballistic Skill Modifiers (p.6)
	new optional rules
#01 - My Travel Booklet (p.7)
	Memories of a Warhammer journeyman: The New World
#01 - There Was a Small Ship (pp.8-10)
	rule set for traveling the oceans
#01 - Fighting in Darkness (p.11)
	another set of rules
#01 - The Gold of Mungoda (pp.12-19)
#01 - Strange...(p.20)
	three new magical artifacts
#01 - Junk (p.21)
	four short puzzles, four new skills, three new magic spells
#02 - Bestiary (pp.4-5)
	three creatures for WFRP
#02 - Insanities (p.6)
	description of five insanities
#02 - My Travel Booklet (p.7)
	memories of a Warhammer journeyman: The Dark Lands
#02 - Jousts & Tournaments (pp.9-11)
	rule set to keep the nobles busy
#02 - The Vizier's Palace (pp.12-19)
#02 - Strange... (p.20)
	three new magical artifacts
#02 - Junk (p.21)
	three puzzles, one new skill, four new magic spells

Terres des Brumes:

Address: Stephane Biarez; 6 rue Voltaire; 10000 Troyes; France

#02 - Le Serment de Dame Karla (pp.13-26)
#02 - Le Norsques (pp.26-27)
	short supplement introducing the Norse
#03 - Petit carriere deviendra grande (pp.32-34)
	careers in WFRP and a new career: the horse trainer
#03 - Le cuisinier Halfeling (pp.35-41)
	The Halfling Cook magic career (assistent & level 1-4)
	including 33 new cooking spells for this career
#03 - Le conseils du Maitre d'armes (pp.42-46)
	new combat rules and critical fumble tables
#03 - La Langue Noire (pp.47-52)
	The Dark Tongue - developped from the RoC - The Lost and the
	Damned supplement
#03 - Chaotic Mutation Table (pp.53-54)
	from RoC - The lost and the Damned
#03 - The Siege of Praag (pp.55-57)
	short story
#03 - Daemonis Destinatum (pp.58-66)
#03 - Vol au-dessus d'un nid de colombes (pp.67-82)
#03 - Ulric seul le sait... (pp.83-84)
	short script about Demons and Religion
#04 - Royaumes du Chaos (pp.60-61)
	excerpt from RoC part one
#04 - Tzeentch - Le Seigneur du Changement (pp.62-65)
	info about Tzeentch and Demons of Tzeentch taken from RoC
#04 - La Magie de Tzeentch (pp.66-68)
	24 new WFRP spells for followers of Tzeentch

De Mans:

Address: Samuel Breton; Ch.331B; Cite Universitaire Vaurouze; boulevard Charles Nicolle 41X; 72014 Le Mans Cedex

#05 - In the Name of the Law! (pp.28-30)

Le Hobbit Fataliste:

Address: Le Hobbit Fataliste, 52 rue de la Croix Bernard, 44140 Remouille
Web page: http://www.mygale.org/05/fatalyst/Hobbit.Fataliste/index.html
email address: fatalyst@mygale.org

#?? - Que la bête meure (pp.??-??)
#?? - Rune Magic (pp.??-??)
	Dwarven Rune Magic supplement

Le Temple du Jeu Magazine:

Address: Le Temple du Jeu, BP 47, 33036 Bordeaux Cedex, France
Telephone: +05 56 51 90 51
Note: Issue #03 is a special WFRP issue


Address: Malediction; 40, rue du Temple; 62000 Arras; France

#02 - Les Murailles de la Nuit (pp.??-??)
#03 - Les Loups Solitaires (pp.??-??)
	game aid for mercenary NPCs

No Fate:

Address: No Fate; Association Ryoko; 11, rue de la Paix; 93100 Montreuil; France

#01 - ??? (pp.??-??)
	short story dedicated to those who experienced Drachenfels

Legendes & Oracle:

Note: L&O is an online magazine that's not being distributed in paper format.
web page: http://www.legendes.com

#087 - La Reconciliation (pp.4-7)
#087 - Les Multins (pp.8-11)
	description of a new race including new spells for this race
#089 - Imperial Chronicles (p.3)
	short game report
#090 - Imperial Chronicles (p.3)
	short game report
#091 - Imperial Chronicles (p.3)
	short game report
#092 - Imperial Chronicles (p.3)
	short game report


Address: Franc-Reveur, c/o Dominique Figuet, 15 rue Amable Matussiere, 38100 Grenoble, France
web address: http://www.france-asso.com/domf/

#12 - Coeur de Pierre (pp.37-52)
	Live-RPG-scenario in the Warhammer world


#26 - Nurgle, Seigneur de l'Infection (pp.33-34)
	description of the cult of Nurgle as typically found in the
	WFRP rulebook


#04 - Rebcontres Insolites (pp.53-54)
	three new creatures for the WFRP universe

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