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White Dwarf:

Note: WD is the house magazine of Games Workshop (GW) who originally created and published WFRP. Since GW dropped WFRP and later selled the right to publish the game to Hogshead Publishing, this magazine no longer publishes articles for WFRP, but there are still sometimes usable articles about the game world because other GW games are placed in the same world setting.
Address: Games Workshop, Howard House, 16 Castle Boulevard, Nottingham NG7 1FL, United Kingdom

#85 - On the Road (pp.20-22)
	2 travelling encounters.  Featuring Emmaretta who travels alone on
	such a dangerous road,  and Johann the ghost, who begs for help.
#86 - Out of the garden (pp.28-32)
	Gnome characters; skills and careers.  Including the Gnome God and
	jester career.
#87 - Night of Blood (pp.23-29)
	Road / riverside adventure.  An inn encounter where the staff are 
	unhelpfull to the point of rudeness and "nobody" is allowed in the
	cellar. cf. RD.
#88 - Hand of Destiny (pp.28-29)
	Fate points and their uses.  This is a FULL discussion of FPs so it 
	should sort out the argument from a few weeks back.
#89 - On Ealden Byrgen (pp.26-31)
	Robin-hood type adventure.  Set in a lightly wooded area with a 
	number of stone circles and a particularly unpleasant fief-ruler.
#89 - Onwards & Upwards (pp.44-45)
	About EPs.  Basically an explanation of how the experience system 
	works and how to spend eps efectively.
#90 - Practice makes perfect (pp.16-30)
	Training for skills & career changes.  Includes information on tutors
	for skills and how to learn from them. cf. RD.
#91 - Oops! (pp.16-17)
	Fumbles in WFRP.  Melee fumbles only, advanced misfires for gunpowder
	weapons appear in WC.
#91 - Noblesse (pp.50-55)
	Skills for "new" nobles.  Appointments for nobility and the ranking
	system for level 1-5 nobles.
#92 - No Psychos Needed (pp.20-27)
	Racial psychology dealt with.  Special note: dwarf-elf animosity is
	operated upon here.  In addition, guidelines are prnted of how to
	make non-human PCs more than just a line of numbers.
#92 - Misprints (pp.60-61)
	Errata for the original (1st ed, 1st print-run) hardback rules.
#93 - Eureka (pp.51-55)
	A Town adventure with Wolfgang Kugelschriber - a mad scientist /
	inventor. Explore his "wonderful" inventions such as the automatic
	chicker plucker! Also features a mafia-style protection racket. Set
	in the city of Nuln; reprinted in RD where it got relocated in the
	village of Volgen near Delberz.
#93 - Letters from a Foreign Land (pp.58-68)
	Murder / mystery adventure, styled in near-Lovecraft horor.  Monks,
	and a mysterious cult are trying to induldge in power-politics for the
	control of the area.  Appropriate to the eastern Empire / Kislev.
#94 - A Rough Night at the Three Feathers (pp.16-22)
	Pub brawl / murder adventure.  Many plots and sub-plots for a totally
	confusing adventure that can lead to notoriety.  cf. RD.
#96 - On the Boil (pp.59-62)
	"Otto's Printworks".  About agitators in the Middenheim.  Possibility
	for an encounter - working with agitators to produce rumour-mongering
	pamphlets, or to stamp-out the seditious lies...
#97 - On the Boil (pp.33-36)
	Very magic Items: the Helm of Taal; Oracle of Boku-San and Hagmar's
	Talisman. These magic items are on a par with the lance of Roland,
	Excalibur or any similar item from Earth's history.
#98 - The Grapes of Wrath (pp.45-63)
	The adventure linking DOtR to PBT.  Set south of the Middenheim.
	A small village whose wealth relies on the grape harvest is being
	plagued by "flying" skulls.  As ever with the Old World, all is not
	as it first seems...
#98 - On the Boil (pp.80-83)
	Missile critical hits table.  This table works hand in hand with the
	table printed in WFRP.  It mainly applies to arrow/bolt hits, but,
	some conversion
#99 - The Ritual (pp.23-35)
	Sewer adventure involving skaven, a kidnapped merchant & the Poison
	Claw cult. Set in Delberz.  cf. RD
#99 - On the Boil, Special (pp.66-79)
	Chaos mutations table and explanation.  A precursor to Realm of
	Chaos: Lost & Dammed.  This table is repeated as the mutations table
	for chaos champions in RoC:L&D.
#100 - The Floating Gardens of Bahb-elonn (pp.11-27/43-50)
	Lustrian adventure for pygmy characters.  Originay created as a 
	"comedy" adventure for Games Day 1987, it was supposed to be a pre-
	cursor for the Warhammer supplement of Lustria that never materialised.
	Includes details of a flying temple (powered by more than just magic),
	pygmy gods and ancestor spirits.
#101 - The Affair of the Hidden Jewel (pp.43-51)
	Bandits have been pillaging the lands of count von Drakensberg, the
	PCs are offered the job of bringing back, dead or alive, the infamous
	bandit - the Black Arrow.  Look out for the inspiration for the
	mad-bomber career! cf. RD
#102 - There's a One-eyed Fellow Hiding to the South of Kamendung (pp.24-32)
	Fimir adventure:set in the village of Kammendun, NW.Empire / Mirror
	Moors. Yes the one and only Fimir adventure, an infant female fimir
	has been kidnapped by a dirach in the hope that he can start a new
	colony and in essence "Rule the Roost", the Warrior Fimir have been
	dispatched by the Meargh to find him, and the village is right in
	their path...
#103 - The Vermillion Pawn (pp.4-12)
	Encounter with adventure possibilities set in the Middenheim. A 
	magical pawnbroker and... Sikinnes - the daemon cabinet!  Useful
	guidelines on the costs of magic items.
#103 - On the Boil (p.32)
	More questions answered.
#103 - Chaos Weapons (pp.33-47)
	Acquiring them and their "properties".  This article apperars in
#104 - Ancient Spirits in Kislev (pp.10-13)
	Lesser Gods / Ghosts of the East.  Details their powers and worship. 
	cf. SRK.
#105 - With a Little Help from my Friends (pp.49-56)
	Kidnapping adventure, set in the Middenheim. Introducing Alphonse
	hercules de Gascoigne, the famous gnome detective. The PCs are
	employed as his lackeys while he does all the brain-work!  cf. WC
#106 - Brat's Boar Boyz (pp.19-22)
	Regiments of Renown, information, history and map.  Set near the Moot
	- Black Fire Pass.  Possibility for an Orc vs PC campaign is easy to
	generate from this well detailed article on Orc cavalry culture.
#106 - A Night of Mystery (pp.49-58)
	Solo Adventure a la FF books.  Set in Grimmenhagen, nr. Salzemund,
	where the Player/s are pitched against the clock and a small chaos
#107 - Element of Risk (pp.45-55)
	Stone Circle adventure set in Hotchpointe on the Bretonnian side of
	the Helmgart / Jouinard road.  Rules for "greater" Elementals: the
	Wisentlich. New Elementalist spells.
#108 - Witch Elves of Naggaroth (pp.29-34)
	Regiments of Renown information, history and map of the Far West.
	First occurrence of the Darkelven lands that was Ramalia.
#108 - Terror in the Darkness (pp.53-60)
	Short adventure of a bug-hunt style featuring "Ridley", the Ambull
	(yes! Ambull as in WH40K).  Basically an Ambull has somehow got into a
	silver mine and the poor villagers need some help removing it.
#110 - Morglum's Marauders (pp.51-59)
	Adventure (mini campaign) vs. an orc tribe.  This article can be
	ideally used with Bratt's Boar Boyz to create an Orc campaign.
#111 - Wardancers (pp.57-63)
	A brief encounter with War Dancers and an orc tribe.
#112 - Wardancers (pp.59-64)
	A new elven career & skills.
#117 - Drachenfels (pp.29-31)
	Dramatis personae.  From the novel by the same name.
#118 - Willkommen Marienburg (pp.49-56)
	The history and a "Berlitz-style" introduction to the Old World's
	Biggest City and seaport.
#118 - Ignorant Armies (pp.70-72)
	Dramatis personae.  From the anthology of the same name.
#119 - Zaragoz (pp.11-16)
	Dramatis personae.  From the novel by the same name.  Pt.I of a
#119 - The Suiddock (pp.47-54)
	The Pelican's Perch - First of the Marienburg supplements, detailing
	the most cosmopolitan tavern in all of Marienburg.
#119 - Skaven (pp.65-69)
	Skaven culture, history and their plans for humanity etc.
#120 - Wolf Riders (pp.28-30)
	Dramatis personae.  From the anthology by the same name.
#120 - Marienburg (pp.31-34)
	The Suiddock Temple; The Steveodores' & Teamsters' Guild; Granny
	Hetta; Haagen's Wharf.
	More information on Marienburg.
#121 - Marienburg (pp.60-70)
	The Brotherhood of Seamen & Pilots; The Rivermen's Association;
	The Wasteland Import-Export Exchange.
	More Marienburgers.
#122 - Konrad (pp.10-13)
	Dramatis personae.  From the novel by the same name.
#122 - The Emperor Luitpold (pp.16-24)
	Numerous small adventure/s on a ship  sailing form Talabheim to
	Altdorf cf. WC
#125 - Plague Daemon (pp.10-17)
	Dramatis personae.  For the second part of the trilogy.
#126 - Marienburg (pp.48-58)
	The Marienburg Home for Foundlings; Van Arzneier's Floracopoeia; The
	Edelmoed Temple. More info on marienburg incl. a full list of herbs
	for physicians etc.
#128 - Marienburg (pp.10-18)
	Kluger's Emporium; Wilhelm Rotkopf, Alchemist; Lisette's Leather
	Goods. Additional Marienburg shops and encounters.
#130 - The Great Hospice (pp.64-72)
	Sanatorium run by clerics of Shallya cf. WC.
#132 - Ironstone Pass (pp.66-74)
	Mountain/Bad weather adventure featuring a werewolf-illusionist.
	Set near Yetzin Valley. (SE Bretonnia)
#133 - Marienburg (pp.58-66)
	The Watch House; Doktor Markus Puttlangs; Old Mother Crumhorn.
	More marienburg encounters.
#135 - Marienburg (pp.64-72)
	Hassan's; The Sign of the Quill; Dagblad's Wholesale Leathers;
	Loewiser's Tannery. 1Other services and goods available in Marienburg.
#137 - Storm Warriors (pp.52-56)
	Dramatis personae.  The last of the Orfeo-told trilogy.
#138 - Social Level (pp.11-18)
	The social level rules updated and improved from the Warhammer
	Characterpack and it's effects on Ld and Fel tests.
#140 - A Map of the Empire (pp.12-13)
	Partially correct for detail.  More appicable to the novels.
#142 - The Black Sail (pp.36-45)
	A Warhammer Fantasy Story, set on the river near Ubesreik.
#152 - Skaven's Claw (pp.24-37)
	Felix and Gotrek story, set in Nuln pt.I
#153 - Skaven's Claw (pp.53-68)
	Felix and Gotrek story, set in Nuln pt.II
#173 - Pull-out Poster
	Map of the Old World, Araby & the Darklands.
#232 - Free issue of WM
	see under WM


Address: Inferno!, Games Workshop Ltd., Willow Road, Lenton, Nottingham, NG7 2WS, UK

#01 - The Mutant Master (pp.4-15)
	short story featuring Felix and Gotrek who are fighting an evil
	sorceror and his creatures
#01 - The Siege of Gisoreux (pp.27-29)
	short diary written during the Siege of Gisoreux, with a map of
	the city
#01 - Grunsonn's Marauders (pp.44-55)
	short story about a group of adventurers on their search for
	gold'n'glory, hired by a wizard
#02 - Birth of a Legend (pp.18-28)
	short story about the beginning of the relationship between
	Sigmar (nowadays known as Sigmar Heldenhammer) and the Dwarfs
#02 - The Doom of Kazad Grund (pp.29-32)
	map of a Dwarven stronghold and a short description of an attack at
	this stronghold
#02 - Hatred (pp.47-55)
	short story about a mutant hunt in the village of Kurtbad
#03 - Gilead's Wake (pp.4-12)
	short story about an Elf travelling the Old World looking for revenge
	for the death of his twin-brother
#03 - Tomb Raider (pp.34-35)
	two page handout of a diary/journal of a dead explorer
#03 - The Faithful Servant (pp.38-48)
	short story about a priest of Sigmar encountering a Chaos Warrior on
	a battlefield
#04 - Paradise Lost (pp.20-31,68-80)
	second short story about Grunsonn's Marauders (see above, as in #01).
	This time they set sail to the High Seas and learn about the legendary
	Erikland and its Skink inhabitants
#04 - The True Story of Eric the Lost (pp.52-55)
	re-narration of the journey of Eric the Lost/the Red/the Restless/
	Fishbane and a map of his world voyage
#05 - The Dead among Us (pp.4-18)
	short story about a priest of Morr undoing the scheme of an ambitious
	necromancer in Middenheim
#05 - Splitskull Stockade (pp.19-21)
	scout report of an Orc warband's hideout and a detailed illustration
	of their stockade
#05 - Chranos Darksoul (p.35)
	full-page illustration of the Chaos Daemon Chranos
#05 - Champion of Death (p.38)
	full-page illustration of an Undead Warrior
#05 - Dark Heart (pp.39-49)
	short story about Torben Badenov and his band of mercenaries (almost)
	clearing a coven of vampires in Ostenwald
#05 - Berserker of Khorne (pp.50-51)
	two-page illustration of a Khornate battle creature
#05 - Ungrak Bloodfang of the Blackskull Orcs (p.63)
	full-page illustration of an Orc Boss in a battle scene
#06 - The History of Bernhardt the Brave (pp.15-22)
	a report of Count Bernhardt the Brave from Drakwald's
	glorious acting during the Chaos incursion and in the
	battle of Kislev
#06 - Mormacar's Lament (pp.40-56)
	short story about a High Elf fleeing from the Dark Elf dungeon
	of Hag Graef only to find his bitter fate at the end
#06 - Chranos Darksoul (p.57)
	full-page illustration of the Chaos Daemon Chranos
#07 - A Company of Wolves (pp.4-14)
	short story about a company of knights who lost confidence
	with the death of their last leader and a mission to regain it.
#07 - The Chaos Beneath (pp.44-55)
	short story about a failed sorcerer's apprentice who is lured
	into a trap by a daemon that needs earthly aid to survive in
	the worldly realm
#08 - Trespass (pp.50-55)
	short comic strip explaining the mystery tree called
	'Gunther's Grave' located on the edge of the Forest of Shadows
	on the road between Middenheim and Salzenmund
#08 - Dark Elves (p.56)
	full-page illustration of Dark Elves
#08 - Gilead's Fate (pp.57-64)
	short story continuing the saga of an Elf (see also issue #03)
	who sought revenge but only found sadness. Gilead needs to
	be reminded of an ancient pact between his kind and the nearby
#09 - Wolf in the Fold (pp.4-15)
	short story about a ill-reputed Tilean assassin who visits the
	Temple of Sigmar in Nuln to confess a crime not yet commited
#09 - Unearthed Remains (pp.16-21)
	comic strip about a young Altdorf aristocrat who tempts fate by
	calling upon an ancient family wrath on a graveyard and who
	(not) surprisingly meets his fate
#09 - Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (pp.54-65)
	short story about a company of knights (see issue #07) sent
	out to accompany some survivors of a raided manor back to
	Middenheim which seems to be a rather boring task but holds
	the chance to gain honour in combat once again to save several
	civilians' lifes
#10 - Chaos Daemon (p.4)
	full-page illustration of a Chaos Daemon
#10 - The Affair of the Araby Exhibit (pp.5-17)
	short story
#10 - Brawl (pp.60-64)
	short comic strip about someone who's organising a bar room
	brawl to steal an item only to find out he got himself in
	in trouble he cannot handle
#11 - Urlic's Childen (pp.4-16)
	Felix'n'Gotrek short story where Felix unpurposely steps onto
	a Tzeentchian cult's toes, becoming their prisoner and getting
	between the lines of that cult and were-creatures
#11 - The Blessed Ones (pp.40-51)
	short story about a Nuln thief who gets hired to steal a
	certain painting that seems to give its owner eternal life
#12 - Rite Bait's Skwig Imporium (pp.19-24)
	short comic strip about Goblin's looking for the right bait
	in a uncommon squig hunt
#12 - The Doorway Between (pp.42-58)
	short story about a witch hunter who gets tricked by a
	necromancer and who learns his lesson well
#12 - A Family Curse (pp.59-64)
	an illustrated feature: history of a Breton noble family
	and her quest
#13 - Wood Elves (p.4)
	full-page illustration of Wood Elves in action
#13 - Gilead's Test (pp.5-17)
	short story about the saga of an Elf (see also issues #03 and
	#08). Gilead is lost in a illusion trap of a liche and needs
	to be rescued by an old comrade.
#13 - Angels (pp.41-46)
	short story of a tale about angels interrupting a beastman
	raid on a Empire village
#13 - The Bretonnian Connection (pp.51-65)
	short story about a priest of Morr (see also issue #05) whose
	past as a traitor and trickster gets on him when an old friend
	of his is murdered while a second murder bothers the city of
#14 - Red Moon Over Altdorf (pp.52-65)
	short story about Altdorf's most famous detective (see also issue #10)
	who is called to stop a predator who's on a rampage during
#15 - A Gentleman's War (pp.16-34)
	short story about a young knight's first battle where he has to learn
	his lesson to trust his non-noble comrades and never trust the enemy.
#15 - Kristheim Keep (pp.35-41)
	an illustrated feature: by request of the Emperor's Chief Advisor for
	the three most notable castle engineers - a Dwarf, a Breton and an
	Imperial citizen to submit their plans to strengthen an existing
	castle,	these architects sent in their proposals.
#15 - The Judas Goat (pp.54-65)
	short story about a Nuln watch captain who looses new recruits every
	night whom he led into the forest for training. He finds out that
	these do not desert but are slaughtered.
#16 - The Ultimate Ritual (pp.23-29)
	short story about one Lothar von Diehl who uses lethal tricks to lure
	his Nuln lector into helping him to travel into Tzeentch's realm to
	get ultimate knowledge.
#17 - Faith (pp.4-20)
	short story about the quest for a trophy of a Breton knight leading him
	on a beast-hunt that holds more than one surprise for him.
#17 - Who Mourns A Necromancer? (pp.28-38)
	short story about a young man's confession to a dead friend's friend.
#18 - Blood Brothers (pp.16-25)
	comic strip about a vampire called Amalric who is on a quest through
	the Badlands to extinguish certain other vampires, which leads him
	into a temporal alliance with greenskins to lay siege to a castle.
#18 - Tybalt's Quest (pp.26-36)
	short story about the Brettonian knight Tybalt who was led to an old
	grave-yard by a vision to encounter and destroy a necromancer.
#19 - Tales from the Ten Tailed Cat I: The Dwarf's Tale (pp.22-24)
	short comic strip about a Dwarf telling a tale about his life-
	threatening quest to his clan's lost stronghold to recover its
	greatest treasure: barrels of beer.
#20 - The Gifts of Tal Dur (pp.4-15)
	short story about two men who are tracking down their former comrade
	at the Siege of Erengrad whose greed gave him the mark of Chaos. They
	finally meet him at Tal Dur - the pool of healing.
#20 - Tales from the Ten Tailed Cat II: The Ratcatcher's Tale (pp.17-19)
	short comic strip about an old Ratcatcher telling a tale about him
	detecting living Ratmen (Skaven) in Talabheim's sewer system to a
	stranger who proves to be a Skaven himself.
#20 - The Plague Pit (pp.20-37)
	short story about a group of hired mercenaries who follow a magician
	only to find out they were not hired a body-guards but as sacrifices.
#20 - Treasure Hunt (pp.47-53)
	commented maps of a mercenaries' band's hunt for treasury in Mordheim
#21 - Tales from the Ten Tailed Cat III: The Scribe's Tale (pp.16-20)
	comic strip about a stranger telling a tale about a Tilean poet who -
	after a gruesome incident - transformed his public into daemons by
	presenting them his masterpiece.
#21 - The Sound Which Wakes You (pp.21-32)
	short story about a rebellion against a tyrant in a Bretonnian
	back-water barony, where the rebel son of a smithy must see his
	father die to be enabled to lead the rebellion.
#21 - Son and Heir (pp.46-57)
	short story about a Breton baron who loses his whole family to the
	curse of a witch - without even fully acknoledging it.
#21 - Portrait of my Undying Lady (pp.58-65)
	short story about an artist who is forced to do a portrait of a liche
	and who gets an unusual reward for it.
#22 - A Choice of Hatred (pp.31-43)
	short story about the witch-hunter Mathias Thulmann who tracks people
	down by making them nervous, but who shows mercy when facing an enemy
	who wants him dead.
#23 - Debt of Blood (pp.20-35)
	short story
#23 - Tales from the Ten-Tailed Cat IV: The Tale of the Musician (pp.50-52)
	short comic strip about a band of musicians trying to rob their
	hypnotized audience, but who met their fate when encountering the
	deaf pit fighter Vlad.
#23 - Ancestral Honour (pp.53-64)
	short story
#24 - The Monster and the Maid I (pp.17-24)
	Illustrated saga about the Bretonnian lady Repanse and her fight
	against a Chaos invasion.
#24 - Jahama's Lesson (pp.38-50)
	short story about an Dark Elf assassin who was hired as cannon-
	fodder by a Dark Elf lord but who teaches him a final lesson.
#24 - Tales from the Ten-Tailed Cat V: The Tale of the Prophet (pp.51-53)
	short comic strip about a bartender complaining about prophets
	in his inn because of bad experiences with prophecies not
	becoming true.
#25 - The Ambassador (pp.4-16)
	short story about Kaspar von Velten arriving in Kislev as new
	Imperial ambassador, who makes new enemies by dismissing the
	old corrupt ambassador.
#25 - Tybalt's Battle (pp.19-30)
	short story about the young Bretonnian knight Tybalt who starts
	a campaign in the mysterious lands of Albion where he meets an
	old enemy.
#25 - The Monster and the Maid II (pp.31-38)
	Second part of an illustrated saga about how lady Repanse gave
	her life to be victorious in Bretonnia's battle against a
	Chaos invasion.
#25 - A Fool's Bargain (pp.40-45)
	short story about a treacherous shop-keeper who finds out about
	a sword's magic in the most unusual way.
#25 - Tales from the Ten-Tailed Cat VI: The Tale of the Bear (pp.47-51)
	short comic strip about a story being told about a warband's
	leader named Braki who wa lured into a trap by Marienburgers
	only to come back as a bear to take revenge.
#25 - The Deep (pp.52-64)
	short story about a stalking murderer among a Dwarven underwater
	expedition inside a vessel constructed by Dwarven engineers.
#26 - The Winter Wind (pp.4-13)
	short story
#26 - Tales from the Ten-Tailed Cat VII: The Messenger's Tale (pp.29-33)
	short comic strip about a man coming to that inn to tell the
	tale of his own death.
#26 - The Small Ones (pp.34-51)
	short story

Warhammer Monthly:

Address: Warhammer Monthly, The Black Library, Games Workshop Ltd., Willow Road, Lenton, Nottingham, NG7 2WS, UK
Note: WM is a comic strip collection published monthly by GW for all Warhammer universes. No real page numbers are provided so I counted the cover page as page one in each issue.
Issue Zero is a preview issue which came as a free extra gimmick with WD #219.
In WD #232, a free issue of WM was included to celebrate the first birthday of WM. This issue is called #F1 here.

#00 - Darkblade (p.8)
	comic strip intro/announcement. Theme: a Dark Elf on his quest
	to recover five ancient artifacts from the Chaos Wastes
#00 - Shadowfast (p.10)
	comic strip intro/announcement. Theme: Terror in Athel Loren
#00 - Grundhelm's Grudge (p.13)
	comic strip intro/announcement. Theme: The story of a Dwarf
	wanted for murder in Middenheim who gets a grudge
#00 - The Summoning (pp.15-17)
	short comic strip about a summoning which falls back on the
#01 - Darkblade:Book 1, part I - Possessed by Chaos (pp.3-14)
	first part of a comic strip - The Dark Elf Malus Darkblade enters a
	long forgotten ruin in the Chaos Wastes in search for treasure only to
	be cursed and enslaved by Tz'arka, Daemon of Tzeentch, then slays his
	comrades and enters his quest to retrieve five ancient magical
#02 - The Carnival of Change (pp.15-20)
	comic strip about a strange circus coming to the village of
#02 - Darkblade: Book 1, part II - Lair of the Beastmen (pp.30-35 plus cover page)
	second part of a comic strip - Malus Darkblade recovers the first
	artifact - The Octagram of Praan - from a camp of Beastmen
#03 - Darkblade: Book 1, part III - The Labyrinth (pp.3-8)
	third part of a comic strip - Malus Darkblade recovers the second
	artifact - The Idol of Kolkuth - from a labyrinth inside a wizard's
	tower after a fight with a bullman
#03 - Grundhelm's Grudge (pp.9-16)
	comic strip about the dwarf Thorgrim Grundhelm who repossesses his
	family's gold mine from wood elves
#03 - Unholy Alliance (pp.24-28)
	comic strip telling of the Tilean city of Parmis meeting its fate
	after calling upon 'strange' allies in a siege of their city set by
	their neighbour state
#04 - The Curse of Dubois I (pp.17-26)
	The house of Dubois is cursed. The brothers Morlan and Alain
	are heading towards Khemri, land of the dead, to set themselves
	free of its evil sway
#05 - Darkblade: Book 1, part IV - Flesh and Blood (pp.3-8)
	fourth part of a comic strip - Malus Darkblade wins the third
	artifact - the Dagger of Torxus - as trophy in a deadly fight
	with a Dark Elf warband
#05 - The Curse of Dubois II - End (pp.18-26)
	The Dubois brothers recover the body of their ancestor from
	Khemri to lift the curse that rests upon their family line,
	when they encounter a deadly surprise
#06 - Darkblade: Book 1, part V - Hellfire (pp.25-29)
	fifth part of a comic strip - Malus Darkblade finds the warpsword
	of Khaine just in time to use it on a terrible foe
#07 - Shadowfast I (pp.13-20)
	Equos the Wardancer appears on the scene while a battle between
        a Chaos war band and a group of humans ensues. First he finishes
        off the chaotic beasts, but then the humans try to play tricks on
        him and meet a similar fate. All die until one who is spared to
        tell the story.
#07 - Darkblade - The Background (pp.21-23)
	some background data on the Darkblade quest; descriptions of the
        holy relics, the major characters, the situation and the location
#07 - Darkblade: Book 1, part VI - Tz'Arkan Triumphant (End) (pp.32-40)
	sixth part of a comic strip - Malus Darkblade captures the Amulet of
        Vaurog from other Druchii, then returns to the place where everything
        began to release the daemon. Of course, daemons are no thankful folk,
        so Malus needs to overcome the most dangerous enemy of all to be free.
#08 - Dwarf Lords I - The Delusions of Chaos (pp.3-12)
	first part of a comic strip - The dwarfs Ethgrim and Bowli save the
        life of their companion Olif, who had been caught by a Tzeeentchian
        cult and offered as lunch to the Great Devourer, an evil Dragon of
        Chaos. All three kill the dragon, but miss the chance to get lost in
        the realm of the Chaos Dwarfs, unable to take the dragon's gold with
#08 - Friendly City (p.17)
	very short (and stupid) comic strip about a brawl between a patrol
        and a troll in the streets of a city
#08 - Shadowfast II (pp.25-30)
	Equos the Wardancer is tested by a war band of Chaos - followers
	of Rakk - and learns that this Rakk is going to destroy his
	family tree.
#09 - Shadowfast III (pp.3-8,22-23)
	third part of a comic strip plus a double-sided portrait of
	Equos the Wardancer who is challenged by his undead forefathers
	who have been animated by Rakk, but Equos agrees to a strange
	pact and therefore defeats him.
#09 - Dwarf Lords II - Fe, Fi, Fo, Grum (pp.10-16)
	second part of a comic strip - the three Dwarfs are lost in the
	Mountains of Mourn and are captured by a giant who wants them to
	enter a dungeon for him to seek a goat (ie. dinner). The dwarfs
	encounter skeletons in a crypt and manage to escape from both
	the undead and the giant.
#09 - Cycles of Chaos (pp.18-21,24-30)
	comic strip set in the Chaos Wastes telling the cycle of life
	of a powerful warrior of Khorne - all ends just like it began.
#10 - Dwarf Lords III - The Dark Lands (pp.4-11)
	third part of a comic strip - the three Dwarfs get caught by
	a full regiment of Hobgoblins and is brought as slaves to their
	lair from where they manage to escape.
#10 - Shadowfast IV (pp.33-38)
	fourth part of a comic strip - The Wardancer Shadowfast helps
	supposed kinsmen of him to survive a Skaven attack but meets
	a great surprise afterwards.
#11 - Shadowfast V (pp.15-20)
	fifth part of a comic strip - Linked to a staff that raises the
	dead Shadowfast needs to use this artifact in order to survive
	beating a group of Dark Elves. But the spirits of the dead do
	not cease to exist and so the Wardancer leads his army to a
	nearby castle where another army of undead is waiting; meanwhile
	Skaven forces are gathering.
#11 - Dwarf Lords IV - Restaurant at the World's Edge Mountains (pp.22-28)
	fourth part of a comic strip - the three dwarfs follow an
	invitation for a warm meal and a couple of ales only to find
	themselves being drugged and captured once again. Things become
	ever weirder as they manage to destroy their host's hut and
	free a giant spider that lived benath it and already "played"
	with one of our heroes
#11 - The Nurgle Complex (pp. 29-30)
	short comic strip about a chosen of Nurgle that must find out
	that there's still something bigger than himself
#12 - Grudge Match (pp.5-9)
	comic strip about the grudge between the Dwarven clans of the Grimlodes
	and the Hellstroms that is about to end but gets renewed by accident
#12 - Dwarf Lords V - Peak Pass (pp.33-40)
	fifth part of a comic strip - the three dwarfs enter a Dwarven
	watchtower where all inhabitants seem to be killed. They encounter
	a high elf whom they accuse to be guilty of this but who learns them
	a lesson but who then gets surprised from behind. The dwarfs manage
	to flee using the High Elf's mount from the real source of this mess.
#13 - Dedication (pp.14-16)
	short comic strip about the last defender of the holy chapel at
	Aix Fronnard
#13 - Dreams of Lustria (pp.18-21)
	comic strip about a young Tilean prince having strange dreams of
	Lustria and his concuding disappearance
#13 - Shadowfast VI (pp.24-31)
	sixth part of a comic strip - During the battle between the
	Undead elves and the hordes of Chaos, Shadowfast manages to
	encounter the Boneseer and a dark Elf who is behind all this.
	Trying to protect himself from dying through Skaven warfare
	technology, he kills the Boneseer and is 'shot' through a
	portal onto The Blighted Isle.
#14 - Dwarf Lords VI - Dead of Night (pp.5-10)
	sixth part of a comic strip - the three dwarfs wake up in an
	old castle in Sylvania hardly remember what happened to them
	and how they got here, except that they are late in warning
	Karak Kadrin from the forthcoming threat. So, they head to
	collect their weaponry and soon afterwards meet their host:
	a liche and his followers. Once again, they choose to fight
	their way out of all that mess and quickly turn to the
	Dwarven base.
#14 - Darkblade: Book 2, part I - The Tower of Sithras Elgol (pp.21-30)
	first part of a comic strip sequel - Ten years after the
	happenings of Book One, the soulless Dark Elf Malus Darkblade
	enters the Glass Tower of the warlock Sithras Elgol and is immune
	to the lethal magic that works there. The warlock offers his help
	in Malus quest to regain his soul if the Dark Elf agrees not to
	kill him. Darkblade thankfully takes what information, help and
	magical items the warlock can provide, but cheats him afterwards.
#14 - Shadowfast VII (End) (pp.34-42)
	The wardancer is dropped inmidst of the never-ending battle that
	goes on on the Blighted Isle among long-dead spirits. There he
	learns that a vile Dark Elf plans to reunite the wardancer's
	staff with an orb he possesses not only to escape from the isle
	but to lead all the dead warriors to Ulthuan to bring death to
	the High Elves. Shadowfast manages to get the orb from his enemy
	and finds the way back to the real plane of existance - along with
	his enemy. A final battle ends the whole conflict.
#F1 - Darkblade: Book 1, part IV - Flesh and Blood (pp.28-33)
	reprint, see WM #5
#F1 - Darkblade: Introduction to Book 2 (pp.34-35)
	sum up of the events in book one plus a short intro to book two
	of this comic strip
#F1 - Tales of Hellbrandt Grimm I (pp.38-42)
	short comic strip about two man bringing themselves into deadly
	trouble by telling untrue stories to strangers
#15 - Darkblade: Book 2, part II - The Ice-locked Ark (pp.5-12)
	second part of a comic strip sequel - Malus Darkblade wins
	the infamous Orb of Malkin from other Dark Elves who did
	not know to interpret the visions of the orb rightly.
#15 - Pockets (pp.15-16)
	a short comic strip about mysterious disappearencies of
	thieves in the Reikland Dock quarter of Marienburg
#15 - The Travels of the Dwarf Lords (pp.18-19)
	a map showing the stations of travel of the Dwarf Lords
#15 - Dwarf Lords VII - Slayer Keep (pp.21-27)
	seventh and last part of a comic strip - The Dwarf Lords
	fight their way through hordes of Chaos for a return to
	their home Karak Kadrin only to be sent away as "volunteers"
	to Zhubar to call for the clan's Slayers.
#16 - Skaven - Children of the Horned Rat (pp.28-29)
	two pages of background text as introduction to the Skaven
	race, with a short table of historic events
#16 - Flesh & Blood (pp.30-35)
	comic strip about the Breton Knight Louis De Maupassant
	who kills a hideous monster during a battle against Skaven
	only to find out that this monster once was his beloved
	brother. Louis De Maupassant finally shares the same fate
	as he.
#16 - Darkblade: Book 2, part III - The Orb of Lies and Truth (pp.37-42)
	third part of a comic strip sequel - Malus relies on the orb
	to find the foul Daemon Tz'Arkan, but yet has to learn how to
	interpret its visions, so he barely escapes death through a
#17 - Darkblade: Book 2, part IV - Futures (pp.5-10)
	fourth part of a comic strip sequel - Malus escapes death
	through death when he learns to interprete the orb better.
#19 - Gift of the Gods (pp.13-17)
	short comic strip about about a curse aboard a Tilean merchant
	ship that falls upon Norse pirate plunderers
#19 - Seas of the Old World (pp.18-19)
	a map of the Seas surrounding the Old World plus bits of info
	on Norse raiders, High Elves, Tilean marchants and Deep Sea
#19 - Darkblade: Book 2, part V - The Court of the Dark Prince (pp.36-41)
	fifth part of a comic strip sequel - Malus visits a ruin which
	becomes home to the court of a Dark Prince at night. There, Malus
	attains some information on the whereabouts of the foul Daemon
	Tz'Arkan, only to find out that he's now trapped in a never-ending
	night at the court.
#21 - Darkblade: Book 2, part VI - Night Without End (pp.16-21)
	sixth part of a comic strip sequel - The fact that Malus is without
	his soul saves him from a never-ending fate in a ruin. He makes his
	escape when things go booom, only to find out that his orb had been
	ruined from the blast.
#23 - Darkblade: Book 2, part VII - The Marshes of Dedreka (pp.37-42)
	seventh part of a comic strip sequel - Malus is lost in seemingly
	endless marshland and encounters his tireless pursuers - the witch
#25 - Darkblade: Book 2, part VIII - No Quarter (pp.5-12)
	eigth part of a comic strip sequel - Malus escapes the marshes by
	slaying his Druchii pursuers and shattering the orb he carried.
#26 - Grandfather Nurgle - Lord of Stench and Decay (pp.12-13)
	short illustrated text about the Chaos deity Nurgle and its realm
#26 - Tales of Hellbrandt Grimm II (p.15-20)
	comic strip about the bounty hunter Hellbrandt Grimm, who tricked
	a gang of bandits into trusting him. That prooved to be the last
	of their errors.
#27 - Darkblade: Book 2, part IX - Screaming God Child (pp.5-10)
	ninth part of a comic strip sequel - The shattered orb sucks Malus
	into another realm where he learns from undead that he's doomed to
	stay and become one of them. He travels on to let the God Child answer
	his questions.
#27 - Crusader (pp.33-42)
	comic strip about a besieged Bretonnian castle somewhere at the border
	to Tilea that gets help by a noble knight. The daughter of the Lord
	had prayed for him but 	has to learn her lesson about mercylessness of
	that knight.
#28 - Mordheim - City of the Damned! (pp.22-23)
	two pages of text about the city of Mordheim and its 'inhabitants'
#28 - Mordheim - City of the Damned, part I: Signs & Portents (pp.24-28)
	short comic strip about the two brigands Marquand Volker and
	Ulli Leitpold who are dragged towards Mordheim as prisoners but
	reach the city as free men who left their company behind - dead.
#28 - Darkblade: book 2, part X - Secret & Lies (pp.37-42)
	tenth part of a comic strip sequel - Trapped in the Otherness, Malus
	Darkblade finds the God Child and tricks it into his escape.
#29 - Mordheim - City of the Damned, part II: Pit Fight (pp.24-26)
	short comic strip about a Pit Fight with a piece of wyrdstone as
	prize to win.
#29 - Darkblade: book 2, part XI - Solace (pp.37-42)
	eleventh part of a comic strip sequel - Malus finally encounters
	the Daemon-King Tz'Arkan in a fortress called Solace and defeats
	him using a Warp Gem. He regains his soul, only to find out that
	the raging god-child comes after him to reclaim him.
#30 - Mordheim - City of the Damned, part III: Ambush! (pp.15-17)
	short comic strip about two veterans teaching the first lesson of
	surviving in Mordheim to their companions during an ambush against
	some Skaven - it was the companions first and only lesson.
#30 - Darkblade: book 2, part XII - Annihilation (pp.31-40)
	twelfth and last part of a comic strip sequel - Malus cheated the
	God Child by escaping its realm. Now it is after him and punishes
	both the dark elf and the Daemon-King Tz'Arkan hard as a revenge.
#31 - Tales of Hellbrandt Grimm (pp.15-20)
	comic strip about the bounty hunter Hellbrandt Grimm, who once led
	a mercenary party but was tricked by one of the gang. He came back
	and took revenge. But he left a victim alive...
#31 - Mordheim - City of the Damned, part IV: Payback! (pp.32-34)
	short comic strip about Marquand and Ulli, two mercenary veterans,
	who settle quarrels about territory and wyrdstone in a _very_
	unusual way: by hunting down vampires and leaving unwanted gifts
	in their rivals' camps.
#32 - Mordheim - City of the Damned, part V: Bodyguards (pp.25-29)
	short comic strip about the two mercenary veterans Marquand and
	Ulli taking a job as bodyguards of somebody who has tilean killers
	on his track. In the final conflict they learn a new trick while
	their employer has to pay for this.
#35 - Tales of Hellbrandt Grimm (pp.17-22)
	comic strip about Hellbrandt Grimm being hired to recover a
	magical cup of healing that rightfully belongs to the temple of
	Sigmar in Stirland. He catches his old comrade Hahlgunn only
	to find out that the cup's powers are other than healing ones.
#35 - Mordheim - City of the Damned, part VI: The Flayer (pp.35-38)
	short comic strip about Marquand and Ulli whose big mouth bring up a
	confrontation with Gotthard The Flayer and his gang. The Flayer's
	mistake was to hit Marquand with his whip, so he equally gets marked
	in the face by him while Ulli maims the rest of the gang.
#36 - Mordheim - City of the Damned, part VII: It Came From The Pit (pp.16-18)
	short comic strip about Marquand and Ulli being pursued by a large
	beast with even larger hunger. They find a cunning way to get rid
	of it.
#37 - Darkblade: Book 3, part I - Throne of Blood (pp.5-11)
	first part of the third story in a comic strip series: Malus Darkblade
	helps a warband of Dark Elves from Hag Graef to defeat raiders,
	meeting an old friend of him: Silar Thornblood.
#37 - Mordheim - City of the Damned, part VIII: Comrades in Arms (pp.14-16)
	short comic strip about two mercenaries poisoning a whole mercenary
	unit to get their wyrdstone.
#37 - Tales of Hellbrandt Grimm (pp.18-22)
	WM #F1 reprint


Note: WS is a British fanzine dedicated to WFRP only and which is still alive.
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#01 - A Brief History of WFRP (pp.3-4)
	the title says it all
#01 - Reviews (pp.5-7,47)
	reviews of products usable for WFRP
#01 - Archive (p.8)
	index of things that appear in various supplements for WFRP
#01 - The Travellers Tale (p.9)
	short story
#01 - The Usual Suspects (pp.10-12)
	2 NPCs
#01 - Persecution (pp.13-18,31-34)
#01 - Index (pp.19-30)
	WFRP rulebook index
#01 - Order of the Dark City (pp.35-38)
	knightly order
#01 - Prosthetics (pp.39-47)
	rules supplement
#02 - Reviews (p.7)
	about material usable for WFRP
#02 - Energy Criticals (pp.8-9)
	critical hit table
#02 - The Usual Suspects (pp.10-13,38)
	3 NPCs
#02 - The Cannon Ball Run (pp.17-22,27-36, Handout)
#02 - What's in a Name? - Part One (pp.23-26)
	Names in the Empire
#02 - Cameos - Rough Justice (pp.37-38)
#02 - The Warpstone Interview (pp.41-47)
	interview with James Wallis
#02 - No Way Out (p.48)
	short story
#03 - Reviews (pp.2-4)
	about material usable for WFRP
#03 - Fighting Chaos: Why Bother?
	conceptual discussion
#03 - Holy Knights, Pagan Days - part one (pp.7-15)
	knightly orders of the Old World
#03 - Paired Weapon Skills (p.15)
	new skills
#03 - What's in a Name? - Part Two (p.16)
	names in Estalia
#03 - One Hour (To) Morr (pp.17-23, Handouts)
#03 - The Usual Suspects (p.27)
	one NPC
#03 - Cameos (pp.28-29)
	two short encounters
#03 - Forum (p.30)
	rules & concept discussion
#03 - A Bard's Tale (pp.31-32)
	short story
#04 - Reviews (pp.2-4)
	material usable for WFRP
#04 - We're Here To Save the World......Again! (p.7)
	conceptual article
#04 - What's in a Name? - Part Three (p.8)
	names in Bretonnia
#04 - A Buried Past (pp.9-14, Handout)
#04 - Holy Knights, Pagan Days - Part Two (pp.15-19)
	knightly orders of the Old World
#04 - The Usual Suspects (p.23)
	one NPC
#04 - A Hundred Years of Trade (pp.24-26)
	a trading company
#04 - Thicker than Water (pp.27-31)
#04 - Red Moon Rising (p.32)
	short story
#05 - Reviews (pp.2-3)
	material usable for WFRP
#05 - Holy Knights, Pagan Days - Part Three (pp.6-11)
	knightly orders of the Old World
#05 - The Warpstone Interview (pp.12-16)
	interview with Graeme Davis
#05 - The Eternal Guard (pp.17-23, Handout)
#05 - What's in a Name? - Part Four (p.24)
	names in Tilea
#05 - Mentioned in Dispatches (p.26)
	set of rules for spell components in WFRP
#05 - The Greys & The Usual Suspects (pp.27-29)
	a secret society
#05 - Two Tales (pp.31-32)
	short story
#06 - Reviews (pp.2-3)
	material usable for WFRP
#06 - Secrets of the Warhammer Artists (pp.5-6)
	hidden humour & stories in WFRP artwork
#06 - Low Life on the Highway (pp.7-14)
	travel on the Empire's roads
#06 - The Usual Suspects (p.13)
	one elven NPC
#06 -  Krieger's Toll Booth (pp.14-15)
	location description
#06 - What's in a Name? - Part Five (p.16)
	names in Kislev
#06 - The Drowning Well (pp.17-24, Handouts)
#06 - Saint Helena (p.25)
	Sigmarite Saint description
#06 - No You can't re-roll it! (p.26)
	alternate character generation system for WFRP
#06 - Mentioned in Dispatches (p.27)
	some thoughts on playing necromancers & demonologists
#06 - Executioner (p.28)
	new basic career class
#06 - Your money and your life (pp.29-30)
	cameo adventure featering the Laughing Brigands
#06 - Trapper (pp.31-32)
	short story
#** - Prosthetics (pp.3-6)
	reprint from Warpstone #01
#07 - Reviews (p.2)
	material usable for WFRP
#07 - Volatile Magick (pp.4-5)
	background on magical weapons
#07 - Skills and Roleplaying Non-Humans in Warhammer (pp.7-8)
	racial skills and advice on how to play demi-humans
#07 - Diseases in the Warhammer World (pp.9-15)
	first part of a supplement on diseases and about spreading/curing
	them, including cults, medical history, Cathayan medicine,
	rules for disease effects, treatments and six new herbs
#07 - You make your own Luck (p.16)
	one short encounter
#07 - Ostwald Skeletons (pp.17-23)
#07 - The Fight Against Chaos: The History of Warhammer (pp.25-30)
	Warhammer products of past and present (not only WFRP)
#07 - Forum (p.31)
	readers discussing material from old WS issues
#07 - The Lone Journey (p.32)
	short story
#08 - Reviews (pp.2-4)
	material usable for WFRP
#08 - Unofficial Appendum: The GM's Screen & Reference Pack (p.4)
	table to categorize different types of weapons
#08 - Witch-Hunters: Mankind's Last Best Chance? (pp.7-9)
	a closer look on witch-hunters and their organisations
#08 - Enough!: The Art of Retirement (p.10)
	how to retire characters best in WFRP
#08 - The Missing Children of Regensdorf (pp.11-24)
#08 - Diseases in the Warhammer World (pp.25-33)
	second part of a supplement on diseases. This part contains a list
	of descriptions of Old World diseases.
#08 - Cultist Scum (p.33)
	a very short short story
#08 - Giant Slayers (p.34)
	cameo adventure about a 'quest' to slay a Giant
#08 - Advanced Skills (p.35)
	basic outline of a rule supplement
#08 - The Forum (p.36)
	readers discussing material or letters from old WS issues
#08 - The Final Adventure of Ursula Urjingraad (pp.37-40)
	short story
#08 - Carrion Up The Reik (p.41)
	art preview (eight illustrations) of the extra chapter called
	"Carrion Up The Reik" which will be added to the forthcoming
	reprint of PBT
#09 - Reviews (pp.2-3)
	material usable for WFRP
#09 - The WS Interview: Anthony Ragan (pp.7-8)
	Q&A with the father of the Marienburg supplement
#09 - Whaling in Marienburg (pp.9-13)
	background article about the whaling business including
	locations, characters, religious background, the whale itself,
	weapon rules and the Harpooner career
#09 - The Road to Marienburg (pp.14-15)
	four short adventure cameos in and around Marienburg
#09 - The Templars of Manann (pp.19-21)
	a look at the knights of the Holy Order of St. Rembrand The
#09 - The Ore Carrier (p.22)
	short story
#09 - A Gentlemen's Guide to Marienburg (pp.23-26)
	player handout introducing Marienburg to the player
#09 - Once Upon A Time in Marienburg (pp.27-44)
#09 - The Forum (p.45)
	readers discussing material or letters from old WS issues
#09 - Protectress (p.47)
	a new advanced career
#09 - Traitor (pp.48-49)
	short story
#10 - Reviews (pp.2-5)
	material usable for WFRP
#10 - The Correspondent (p.6)
	complaint about WFRP religious system
#10 - The WS Interview: Phil Gallagher (pp.7-9)
	Q&A with one of the original authors of WFRP
#10 - The Passing of Time (pp.10-11)
	introduction of the seasons to your WFRP campaign
#10 - Foundation and Faith (pp.12-16)
	different aspects of the medieval society for use in WFRP
#10 - Cameos (pp.17-18)
	two encounters
#10 - The Alternative Troll Slayer (pp.19-21)
	an indepth look on dwarven Slayers, plus four drugs popular
	among Slayers; plus a short intro of Slayers as the official
	WFRP dwarven sourcebook will have them
#10 - Child of Praag (p.22)
	short story
#10 - The Black Gate (pp.23-32)
#10 - Clerics of Shallya (pp.33-38)
	the church of Shallya and their clerics worked up for use in
	a WFRP game, complete with distinct career descriptions and
	seven new spells for clerics of Shallya
#10 - The Forum (pp.39-40)
	readers discussing material or letters from old WS issues
#11 - Reviews (pp.2-4)
	material usable for WFRP
#11 - The Correspondent (pp.5-6)
	using wars and battles as a campaign background for WFRP
#11 - A Job For Life? (p.6)
	some basic thoughts on 'using' careers in WFRP
#11 - Behind The Scenes (pp.7-13)
	detailed background article on Old World underworld organizations,
	including Thieves' Tongue glossary, a new careers, an NPC, plus a
	set of rules regarding Assassins
#11 - Excommunicate! (pp.15-17)
	Excommunication in Warhammer
#11 - Down in the Pit (pp.18-20)
	background on Pit Fighting
#11 - The Accursed Element (pp.21-24)
	background article on Warpstone
#11 - Noble Blood (pp.25-36 & hand-out)
#11 - The Passing of Time II (pp.37-38)
	rules for ageing in WFRP
#11 - To Those That Have Nothing (pp.39-40)
	short story
#12 - Reviews (pp.2-5)
	material usable for WFRP
#12 - Madman or Prophet? (p.6)
	Thoughts on Dreams and Omens in WFRP campaigns
#12 - The Correspondent (pp.7-8)
	Female Characters in WFRP
#12 - Thralls of Darkness (pp.11-15)
	background on the Chaos deities and their followers
#12 - Live By The Book (pp.16-18)
	Libraries and Librarians in the Old World - featuring a set of
	rules, two new skills and two new careers
#12 - Tomes of Magic (pp.19-22)
	description of six books about magic and a set of rules to
	learn from them, plus four adventure seeds
#12 - Ring-a-Ring of Cultists (pp.23-34)
#12 - The Forum (pp.35-36)
	readers discussing material or letters from old WS issues
#12 - Marienburg Resources (p.36)
	a short reference list of Marienburg articles from WD, WS and HW
#12 - A Little of This and a Bit of That (pp.37-40)
	Chemistry in WFRP, including a list of descriptions of ten compounds,
	a set of rules for playing Chemists and an NPC
#13 - Reviews Special (pp.2-6)
	Warhammer fiction
#13 - The Correspondent (pp.7-8)
	Prejudice in the Old World
#13 - The Warpstone Interview (pp.9-12)
	interview with Kim Newman aka Jack Yeovil
#13 - The Warriors' Grimoire (pp.13-16)
	thirty-one new learnable moves and manoevuvres for combat in WFRP
#13 - Reviews (p.17)
	material usable for WFRP
#13 - Remains of the Knight (pp.18-26)
#13 - The Road to Damnation (pp.27-32)
	follow-up article to "Thralls of Darkness" (WS #12) about the
	inner workings of Chaos cults and the motivation about their
#13 - Sold in the Hills (pp.33-37)
#13 - The Forum (pp.38-39)
	readers discussing material or letters from old WS issues
#13 - A Darkness Over Nuln (pp.39-40)
	short story
#14 - Reviews (pp.2-4)
	material usable for WFRP
#14 - The Correspondent (pp.5-7)
	background article on Ostland
#14 - Taking Horses for Granted (p.8)
	thoughts and rules for horses in WFRP
#14 - Between the Lines (pp.9-12)
	book availability rules and thirteen tome examples
#14 - Slavery, Serfdom and Servitude in the Known World (pp.13-20)
	background article on slavery and serfdom in the Old World and
	Araby, with three NPCs and ten adventure hooks
#14 - Secrets of the WFRP Writers I (pp.21-22)
	article about the insights of names and other hidden jokes
	found in the WFRP rulebook
#14 - Head Hunters (pp.23-33)
#14 - Elf Slavery (p.34)
	som background on slavery between Elves
#14 - Marienburg Revisited and Other Assorted Miscellania (pp.35-40)
	four Marienburg organisations and institutions including
	six NPC descriptions
#14 - Strange Events in Marienburg (pp.41-42)
	two Marienburg cameos
#14 - I Know Not, The Birth of Fox Crowe I (pp.43-47)
	first part of a rather excellent short story
#14 - The Forum (p.48)
	readers discussing material or letters from old WS issues
#15 - Reviews (pp2-4)
	material usable for WFRP
#15 - The Correspondent (pp.5-6)
	PC standing in the Old World
#15 - Secrets of the WFRP Writers II (pp.7-9)
	article about hidden jokes in WFRP supplements and
#15 - Pulling the Strings (p.10)
	a look on patrons for home campaigns
#15 - In Defence of the Empire (pp.11-24)
	article about the church of Sigmar inclunding seven orders,
	an advanced career and a timeline
#15 - A Religious History of the Old World (pp.25-26)
	background about humanity's religious roots
#15 - In the Light of the Twin Moons (pp.27-30)
	background on those nights when both moons are full
#15 - The Lore of the Ranger (pp.31-34)
	30 additional skills for Ranger characters
#15 - A Lover Lost (pp.35-41)
#15 - I Know Not, The Birth of Fox Crowe II (pp.42-46)
	second part of a rather excellent short story
#15 - The Forum (pp.47-48)
	readers discussing material or letters from old WS issues
#16 - Reviews (pp.2-4)
	material usable for WFRP
#16 - The Correspondent (pp.5-6)
	Culture in the Old World
#16 - Who are the Feathered Priests? (pp.7-10)
	a look on the different editions of the Doomstones campaign
#16 - A Touch of Evil? (pp.11-14)
	thoughts on alignment, morality and justice in WFRP games
#16 - Talabheim: An Introduction (p.15)
	introduction of the WS city project of Talabheim
#16 - Talabheim - The Eye of the Forest I (pp.16-32)
	first part of a city description including tolls, two maps, coat of
	arms, history, law, religion and a look on the rich families
#16 - Tintabriel and Aurore, or The Tagedy of the Treasonous Lovers (pp.33-35)
	a play script in three acts
#16 - Privileges (pp.36-45)
	scenario set in Talabheim
#16 - I Know Not, The Birth of Fox Crowe III (pp.46-48)
	third and last part of a rather excellent short story
#17 - Reviews (pp.2-4,42-43)
	material usable for WFRP
#17 - The Correspondent (pp.5-6)
	Nature of Imperial Law
#17 - The Nine Tribes - The Empire before Sigmar (pp.7-15)
	Description of a pre-Sigmarian Empire including scenario hooks
#17 - Excerpts from Doktor Brauer's Book of Fable & Fancy (p.16)
	a mini-encyclopaedia with material from the Gotrek novels
#17 - Forms of Address (pp.17-18)
	Etiquette: How to address nobility
#17 - Blue Blood on the Carpet (pp.19-25)
	background on Imperial nobility including advice how to
	roleplay a noble, adventure hooks, and the history of one of the
	more important noble families.
#17 - The Simple Coin (pp.26-29)
	background about coinage and trade in the Old World and beyond.
#17 - Talabheim II: The Noble Heart (pp.30-41)
	second part of a city description including non-humans, the city
	watch, the districts of Ostenstrade, The Old City, Nyesnavistny,
	"Field of Justice" and Schaffenhorst with its prominent locations,
	a cameo, a small cult description, three NPCs, a cameo and some
	errata from the first part.
#17 - In the Name of Love (pp.45-46)
	short scenario
#17 - The Forum (pp.47-48)
	readers discussing material or letters from old WS issues

** -> this mini-booklet came as a "special issue" for free with HW #03 as a commercial flyer


Note: LG is an irregular newsletter that is freely distributed with the WS fanzine and is put on their web site. It comes free to all WS subscribers and to a anybody who asks for it and sends a self- addressed and stamped envelope.
Address: For contact about this magazine, please use the WS address.

#01 - Review (p.1)
	review of Warhammer Armies-Champions of Chaos under the WFRP
	usability aspect
#01 - Holy Knights: Pagan Days - part Five (pp.2-4)
	knightly orders of the Old World
#01 - How Can You Tell? (p.4)
	Players' Handout - Ten ways to detect Chaos mutants
#02 - Cut Cameos (p.1)
	five short cameo ideas
#02 - The Artist's Notebook (p.2)
	twelve illustration sketches from WS artist John Keane
#02 - The Adventures of Wilhelm and Alfredo the Talking Cat (pp.3-4)
	an Entertainer NPC

The Origin Of Tree Worship:

Note: This is an iregular but free WFRP gazetteer that is shipped to anyone who contacts the email address that is provided below.
email: mohock@email.msn.com

#01 - From The Altdorf Dictionary Of The Emperor's Reikspiel (p.1)
	Old World dictionary; this time featuring: Moon-man
#01 - An Imperial Citizen's View On Life (p.1)
	short essay on how to play medieval normal people in WFRP
#01 - The Medical Profession (pp.2-3)
	a background article for playing Physicians, Surgeons and Nurses
#01 - Templars Of Verena (p.3)
	spotlight article on Verenan Templars
#01 - How To Run A Post-EIF Empire (p.4)
	some thoughts on how to play one's home campaign after TEW
#02 - Weapons In The Old World (p.1)
	thoughts on weapons being allowed to be carried in Old World cities
#02 - Unaverage Characters: Women and Minorities (p.2)
	a short look at playing such characters
#02 - The Weapons Industry (p.2)
	thoughts on medieval weapon production
#02 - Terms of Address (p.2)
	how address one's superiors in WFRP
#02 - Ergot (pp.2-3)
	a fungus for WFRP
#02 - History in the Old World (pp.3)
	History in the eyes of average Warhammer people
#02 - Homosexuality (p.4)
	sexuality of the WFRP races
#02 - Elves and Game Balance (p.4)
	thoughts on (too?) powerful PC races

Bergsburg Newsletter:

Note: The Bergsburg project is an internet project where different authors describe the town of Bergsburg. The BN is a promotion newsletter that comes with WS.

#01 - Piercing the Night (pp.2-4)


Note: arcane was an independent UK gaming magazine which died with issue 20.
web page: http://www.futurenet.com/mags/arcane/arcane.html

#20 - Kirchheim (pp.40-46)
	pull-out encounter with stats for WFRP and Elric!

White Wolf Inphobia (or White Wolf in earlier issues):

Address: White Wolf, Suite 100, 780 Park North Blvd., Clarkston, GA, 30021, USA
Note: Issue 57 has been the last one published (August 1995). The magazine was dropped thereafter.

#11 - Peril at Stopover (pp.41-53)
	adventure about an evil wizard in a villiage east of the Grey
	Mountains who is slave of a vampire
#17 - The Scope of Magic (pp.48-53)
	new spells
#24 - Charmed, I'm sure (p.52)
	a new magic item
#26 - The King Beneath the Hill (pp.67-78)
	multi-system adventure by Graeme Davis with WFRP stats
#57 - Pit Fighting (pp.70-74)
	rules and background, some pit fighting skills

Adventures Unlimited:

Address: Bootstep Press Inc., 3893 Norfolk St., B.C., Canada, V5G 1E6
email address: advsunltd@aol.com

#03 - A Night at the Opera (pp.68-80)
	murder mystery adventure set during a visit of a Tilean opera company
	to Nuln; introduction of a new spell


Address: Pyramid Magazine Subscriptions, c/o SJ Games, PO Box 18957, Austin, TX 78760
web page: http://www.sjgames.com/pyramid/
email address: pyramid@io.com
Note: Pyramid has been a print magazine until ca. issue 30. Later it became an online magazine (available for electronic subscribers). Electronic material is marked with an '*'.

#19 - Nastassia's Wedding (pp.18-25)
	scenario written by Graeme Davis
#25 - Spiked, Tatooed and Downright Mean (pp.46-50)
	about Dwarven Slayers: psychology, two new careers and a new
	dwarven deity
*08/28/98 - Behind Death's Veil
	the priesthood of Morr
*11/27/98 - Feed the Hungry
	the ogre (viewpoint) in WFRP

Making Movies:

Note: MM is a long dead fanzine edited by Darren Edwards. The articles listed below are from 1987.

#01 - Cultus Culture
	article about cults in WFRP
#01 - The Force of Evil - The Messengers (pp.11-21)
	part one of a WFRP campaign starting in Carroburg
#02 - The Force of Evil - In Aid of the Bosewarten Society (pp.13-24)
	part two of a WFRP campaign set in the Altdorf area
#03 - To catch a Thief (pp.8-10)
	some more details on Middenheim's underworld
#04 - Some bits for WFRP
	various minor rule additions


Note: Vortext ceased to exist with issue #9.
Address: Vortext; 1066 28th Street; Oakland, CA 94608; USA
email address: Vortext@genie.com (info from fall 1993)

#09 - Warhammer plumbing (pp.36-39)
	rules to fix a few leaks


Note: Maelstrom magazine is not active anymore. Issue no.6 has been the last one so far.
Address: Maelstrom Magazine, RR1, Gilford, Ontario, Canada, L0L - 1R0
web page: http://www.interhop.net/MAELSTROM.PUBLISHING/
email address: maelstrom@interhop.net

#02 - Reviews (pp. 18-19)
	including a review of Apocrypha Now
#02 - The Last Chance Mercantile (pp.20-22)
	three pieces of weaponry for WFRP
#02 - Mind Your Manors (pp.33-39)
	a guide to create and maintain a feudal holding in the
	Pendragon game system (with conversion notes for WFRP)
#02 - The Ostermark Campaign (ppp.31,48-53)
	unofficial extension to EiF, including a map and a gazetteer
	of the Ostermark province
#03 - The Good, the Bad and the Just-Plain-Ugly (pp.28-29)
	distinguishing characteristics for WFRP, usable as stand-alone
	or add-on to the Character Background Generation booklet of
	one of GW's published Character Packs
#03 - Thelonius (pp.58-59)
	a NPC
#04 - Riparian (pp.60-61)
	a new creature with notes how to place it in the Warhammer world
#05 - Kelpie (pp.52-53)
	a new creature with notes for WFRP


Note: HW is Hogshead Publishing's house info-zine. It comes free to anybody who wants it.
Address: Hogshead Publishing Ltd, 29a Abbeville Road, London, SW4 9LA, Great Britain
email address: enquiry@hogshead.demon.co.uk

#02 - The Strong Shall Survive (pp.3-4)
	10 years of WFRP
#02 - The Exorcist (pp.5-6)
	a new career
#02 - Overview (pp.7-10)
	overview about published and upcoming WFRP products of
	Hogshead Publishing Ltd
#03 - Crossing the Border (pp.3-12)
	adventure meant as an introduction to the Doomstones campaign
#03 - Unleashed (pp.14-15)
	overview about published and upcoming WFRP products of
	Hogshead Publishing Ltd.
#03 - Artwork (p.16)
	snapshot of a computer-rendered map of the Old World
#04 - Bad Tidings (pp.5-12)
	scenario set in Marienburg, playable before DotL
#04 - What's Up With The Enemy Within (pp.13-14)
	overview on future TEW publications and how they
	will change from the originals
#04 - Not The WFRP FAQ (p.15)
	a couple of questions about WFRP that are regularly
#04 - Artwork (p.16)
	sketch of the potential new cover of the city-
	sourcebook "Marienburg: Sold Down the River"


Address: Alderac Entertainment Group, 4045 Guasti Road, Suite 212, Ontario, CA 91761, Canada
email address: Shadis2@aol.com

#36 - The Bard (pp.55-56)
	a new career


Note: Carnel is subscribed by sending self-addressed and stamped envelopes to the address shown below.
Address: Robert Rees, First Floor Flat, 4 Imperial Road, Redland, Bristol, BS6 6EN, UK
email address: robert.rees@cbis.com (valid until 6/98)

#06 - Tetsubo I (pp.4-8)
	first part of the Nippon draft by Dave Morris which was rejected
	by GW; Introduction and Character Generation
#08 - Tetsubo II (pp.9-13)
	second part of the Nippon draft by Dave Morris; Creatures
#10 - Tetsubo IV (pp.4-15)
	fourth part of the Nippon draft by Dave Morris; Ninja character and
	Ninja spells
#11 - Sun, Surf, Sea and Samurai (20-pages booklet/8 pg. PC description)
	Tetsubo adventure

Citadel Journal:

#Autumn 85 - The Dolgan Raiders (pp.6-10)
		dolgans, hobgoblins and non-chaos centaurs in Kislev,
		useful for SRiK and as a look at life on the plains
#Autumn 85 - Knights of the Cleansing Flame (pp.15-16)
		first description from a Regiment of Renown
#Autumn 85 - World Map (pp.50-51)
		The Warhammer World according to WFB II
#12 - Nurgle Palanquin (pp.36-39)
	for WFB, but with a little more on Nurgle in the style of RoC
#14 - Land of Kislev (pp.8-13)
	actually first part (of 3; see issues 15, 16 as well) of a
	Kislev army list, but this is all history, sociology and
	economics of Kislev, and excellent back-up for SRiK.
#Spring 86 - The Vengeance of the Lichemaster (pp.3-5,60-68)
		WFB II scenario with some material usable for the
		WFRP Lichemaster adventure
#Spring 86 - Skaven (pp.10-15)
		introduction of the Skaven race in the Warhammer world
#Spring 86 - The Quest of Kaleb Daark II (pp.43-50)
		comic strip (second part) featuring a champion of Malal
		fighting Skaven in Praag for Arianka's sake
#Spring 86 - Dungeon Floorplans (p.72)
		four floorplans, a sneak preview of the 'forthcoming'
		Dungeon Floorplans box for WFRP
#Spring 87 - The Quest of Kaleb Daark - Evil of the Warpstone (pp.40-47)
		comic strip (third part) featuring a champion of Malal
		heading towards the Chaos wastes in search of the keys
		to rescue Arianka

Chaos Clamber:

Note: CC is an electronic WFRP fanzine in ASCII / RTF format sent via email. CC has no page numbers.
web address: http://chaosclamber.darcore.net
email: tilleyj@morgan.ucs.mun.ca

#01 - The Cults of Tzeentch
	three different Tzeentch cult (The Black Sisterhood, The
	Rightfull Line, The Hidden Ones) descriptions
#01 - The Town Counsellor
	a new WFRP career
#01 - NPC of the Month
	Morgan de Campella, a female human Charlatan
#02 - For All The World To See
	a few tips for creating a good WFRP web page
#02 - Hunters of the Plains
	a new WFRP race: the Skraelings - nomads living in the
	Border Princes; complete with careers
#02 - Happy Hour!
	rules for drinking and getting drunk
#02 - NPC of the Month
	Pip Sniffelhophner, a male human Smuggler
#03 - Portals of the Old Ones
	article about the ancient warp portals of the Old Ones
	that make warp travelling possible
#03 - The Dark Seekers of Malal
	description of powerful new NPCs/creatures
#03 - Magical Auras
	background article about Magical Auras and the detection &
	sensing skills
#03 - The Bouncer
	a new career
#03 - NPC of the Month
	Bart Brockhause, human male Charlatan

Dark Gazette:

Note: DG is an electronic fanzine in HTML format sent via email and presented on the World Wide Web. Therefore, no page numbers are given here.
web address: http://www.crosswinds.net/~darklibrary/
email address: lordbain@x-stream.co.uk

#01 - Heist!
	road encounter
#01 - Notes on the use of Fate Points
	some thoughts on the concept of fate points
#01 - Dealing with death in WFRP
	tips for players

Strike to Stun:

Note: StS is an electronic fanzine in PDF format which is available on the WWW. Each article is given as a separate PDF file, so no page numbers are given.
web address: http://www.strike-to-stun.com

#01 - Beware of Dragons (7 pages)
	guide on how to write good adventures
#01 - The Old World from A-Z: A is for Agitator (5 pages)
	some player and games master background on the Agitator career
#01 - Warhammer: The Dark Ages (2 pages)
	regular column that sheds some light on the Warhammer world from
	about 2000 IC. This issue holds background and description of
	Shadowlord - a Chaos god
#01 - How to run Combat and keep your players interested (2 pages)
	guidance article on how to run WFRP combat as a games master
#01 - Interview with Anthony Ragan (3 pages)
	interview about Anthony Ragan's WFRP projects
#01 - Thoughts about Religion (3 pages)
	some thoughts and advice for adding religion as an element to
	your WFRP games

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