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Address: Geert Lund; Axelborg 8E; 8700 Horsens; Denmark
Telefon: (+int.Denmark) 75 62 21 14
web page: http://www.agora.dk/fonix/
email address: brr@dde.dk or glund@image.dk

#20 - Slyngelstuen (pp.58-60)
	a set of four Player Characters
#21 - Magre tider i Altdorf (pp.8-13)
	scenario for the PC's introcuded in FX#20

The Ghost:

Note: This fanzine is dead by now. It once was the club magazine of a Danish roleplaying club. No page numbers are given for the articles because this fanzine didn't use any.
email address: ce@kubism.ku.dk (Claus Ekstroem - the author of most of the articles mentioned below)

#2/2 - Boddel
	executioner career
#2/2 - Orcs Near Kirshgarten
	weak encounter
#2/3 - WFRP Errata
	fixes an error in the rulebook
#2/4 - Knock-Out
	optional hand-to-hand combat rule
#2/4 - Bonde
	farmer career


Note: Monokeros was the Copenhagen roleplaying club Erebor's own fanzine. The fanzine is apperently dead, but the club still exists.
Address: Monokeros, v/Matias Stuven, Smedegårdsparken 18, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark

#10 - The Flying Snotling (pp.4-12)
	A small WFRP scenario (or rather encounter) involving the players
	with a gang of counterfeiters. Includes funny bonus rules for
	Snotling tossing!
#18 - "Gok gok!" (pp.12-21)
	A small WFRP scenario centered around the events of some chicken
	thefts, which are actaully more than they look like. Includes
	"The thing", a horrible "Frankenstein" creation build of dead
	chicken parts.


Note: This fanzine is dead since 1993.
Address: Fafner spil, Ermelundsvej 92 D, 2820 Gentofte, Denmark (ISSN: 0906-3559)

#?? - Mondstille in Friedstadt (pp.22-32)
	A rather good WFRP scenario which puts the players in the roles
	of watchmen in Friedtstadt at winter time. The scenario is a
	fairly worked out murder mystery scenario, true to WFRP mood.

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